Two teens were found Wednesday afternoon safe after they reportedly went missing Tuesday in the middle of Corpus Christi bay, Texas.

Texas Game Wardens and several area sheriff’s departments joined the force to the north side of Lake Corpus Christi to search for the two teens, who went out of the sight among the group of four on Tuesday night.

According to the According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, at around 3 p.m., a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter spotted a capsized boat in the middle of the bay. Texas Game Wardens checked it out and found the two missing teens, who were wearing life jackets in the water.

During the time of the search, The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office received a call on a stolen boat and was investigating. They later confirmed that the boat found capsized on Wednesday was the same one.

The KIIITV reported the four teens were trespassing at the campground before stealing a boat. They then took the boat far out of the water when it stopped working and got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully two of them were able to swim back and told management a boat capsized and people were missing

About one hour after being found, the two teens were arrested on charges of trespassing, authorities said.

The case is ongoing.

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