Two Texas children are spending the remainder of their summer giving back to their community by mowing lawns free of charge.

Two siblings, 12-year-old Nathan and 10-year-old Zoe, recently accepted the nationwide 50 Yard Challenge created by Rodney Smith Jr., according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Smith made headlines by cutting yards of elderly people, veterans, and others in all 50 states.

Smith recently went on his fifth cross-country lawn mowing tour and started encouraging other Americans to take up the mowing challenge.

He recently applauded Nathan and Zoe on social media networks for “making a difference” in San Antonio, Texas.

The brother-sister duo had mowed five of the 50 yards as of Friday, Aug. 9. They are focusing their lawn-mowing efforts on helping the disabled, veterans, the elderly, and single mothers in their community.

Their mother, Analee Arias said her children are “not at all” overwhelmed by the 50-lawn goal, adding that they have a system for splitting up the work and staying hydrated.

The children enjoy giving back to the community and are working on adding more people to their lawn-mowing initiative.

Those in the San Antonio area who are in need of Nathan and Zoe’s assist can contact Arias via Facebook messenger, email at [email protected] or by calling or texting (210) 730-4026.

Click here to find more about the 50 Yard Challenge or sign up to participate.

Every 10 yards you cut elevates your team to a new level and offers different rewards.

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