Sheriff’s deputies in North Bloomfield, Ohio, said they pulled over an Amish buggy equipped with a large stereo system early on Sunday morning, Sept. 15.

Trumbull County deputies were on patrol in the heart of Amish country when they spotted two men drinking while riding on the back of the horse and buggy just before 1 a.m., according to WKBN.

When they pulled the buggy over, the men jumped out and ran into the trees as the horse pulling the buggy continued down the road.

Deputies gave chase and eventually caught up with it a short distance away.

Deputies said there was a 12-pack of beer on top of the buggy and several bottles were open. They also found a stereo system installed in the back of the vehicle.

The buggy was towed from the scene and the horse was turned over to a local farmer for safekeeping until the owner comes forward.

According to a rite of passage known as Rumspringa, younger members of the Amish community are permitted to experiment with influences from the outside world, but they have a duty to enforce the law in Amish country the same way they do in the rest of the county, authorities said.

Once authorities identify the two Amish men, they could be charged with failure to comply with the deputy’s commands.

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