At the same time that Twitter has been denouncing conservative content, the social network openly has a permissive stance toward dictatorial leaders and murderers, who can freely publish on the platform without suffering any censorship.

Both the Twitter and Facebook platforms were at the center of criticism during the past week after both prevented the sharing a New York Post article.

The article showed an alleged communication between Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and an adviser to a Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which involves them in a massive global corruption case.

According to Fox News, Twitter blocked the historic New York Post account on Wednesday, Oct. 14, refusing to unblock it unless the media removes six tweets about its reports about Joe Biden’s son.

Simultaneously, dictators and characters worldwide are being criticized for their atrocities or downright racist and discriminatory comments and attitudes. Still, they have absolute freedom on the platform.

Such is the case, for example, of Nicolás Maduro, the dictator who inherited the dictatorship of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. According to recent reports, his government and its security forces have been involved in various brutal torture tactics ranging from electric shocks, genital mutilation, and asphyxiation to killing and mutilating political dissidents.

However, Maduro continues to tweet regularly from his official account @NicolasMaduro.

Another example is Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who has become one of the most powerful Iranian leaders of the century, exercising control over all aspects of the country’s government, military, and media.

Khamenei, who has always been critical of democracy and the United States, is accused of governing his country based on censorship and the imprisonment and murder of dissidents. Besides, he has recently become increasingly anti-American. However, all this does not concern Twitter, and Khamenei continues to publish freely on its platform.

As we have noted on other occasions, Twitter has apparent favoritism for the leftist policies advocated by the Democrats over the conservative positions of President Trump.

While allowing the reproduction of remarkable lies told by candidate Joe Biden, Twitter censors videos and comments by President Trump, which, on several occasions, are labeled “manipulated information.”

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