Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, sent a tweet with the photo of some mailed envelopes with ballots addressed to people who died more than 10 years ago, warning about the risks of electoral fraud, and Twitter closed his account. 

The photo was sent to Grenell by a friend of his and son of the deceased, who also authorized him to publish them without erasing any information.

 “He’s my friend in California, a very close friend of mine. It’s his parents who were sent these ballots, and he gave me the photo, and he gave me permission,” Grenell confirmed, according to Breitbart on Oct. 8. 

Tom Thompson, Grenell’s friend, explained the situation publicly, from his own account. 

“I am the son of John and Gertrude Thompson. Both passed away over ten years ago and got ballots for the upcoming election. I gave Richard Grenell permission to post these pictures and ask for an investigation as to why they were mailed ballots for the 2020 election,” wrote @tthompson90277

“Twitter has responded by saying that I can delete the photo and tweet and repost it after I delete your address. Well, I won’t do it because I have permission, and they have no right to ask me to do it,” Grenell emphasized.

In addition, Grenell maintains that if Twitter is so concerned about the community, by censoring his tweet, its action should not be to close the account but to investigate those who are sending ballots to vote, irregularly. 

“His community action focus should be on the Los Angeles County voter registry, which has been sending ballots to people dead for ten years.”

Twitter censorship generated a wave of tweets disapproving of its action, and also published irregularities similar to the one Grenell’s friend found, evidence that his is not a unique case.

“This is in San Pedro, we found 83 [ballots] sent to the same address,” tweeted the user @9bb2e5c43a21469.

“I never thought Big Brother could exist in our country. It is incredible that our elected representatives did not have the opportunity to see this coming and address it,” wrote @MDLogan4.

“It is war. This is the big tech company’s version of physiological warfare. We don’t like what you say—we leave you out. Just wait until all your iCloud and google drive/docs etc get taken from ya for your speech. It’s a form of public shaming and it’s a ChiCom [Chinese communists] tactic!”

Twitter often censors messages that warn of the risks of voter fraud that have multiplied for this election season.

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