Tucker Carlson said on Monday, July 22, he has become a target for terror after The New York Times revealed it is working on a story about where he lives and plans to release the location of his and his family’s residence.

He knows the terror of becoming targeted, as in 2018, he was forced to move after he received death threats, and antifa members attacked the family home. This occurred after a left-wing journalist reportedly put Carlson in his sights, and his family became terrified.

Carlson is the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and after recently returning from a planned vacation, he announced, “One more thing before we go tonight,” he said before closing out the hit show.

“Since this show began almost four years ago, I’ve really tried not to talk about myself on the air or even use the first-person pronoun. The last thing this country needs is more narcissism. It’s not very interesting anyway.” He continued, “People who use the word ‘I’ a lot tend to bore everyone but themselves, but tonight, we’re going to make an exception to that rule. We don’t have much choice.

“Last week The New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live.” Without mincing words, Carlson says there is a sinister reason for the Times wanting to let the public know where he lives.

“Well, you know why,” he said. “To hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them.”

Conservative author and radio host Eric Metaxas added, “I understand the @NYTimes has gone to hell, which is why I canceled my subscription. But that they would use their ‘news’ organization to publicize the location of @TuckerCarlson’s family residence is what polite people would call evil and despicable. Shame on them.”

Meghan McCain from “The View” was quick to react: “This is extremely dangerous and a weird new norm,” she wrote. “Even printing his neighborhood or building or home area is really dangerous. Why people feel comfortable doing this to people with whom their politics they hate is sick. It is the most violating thing in the entire world.”

Investigative reporter Jordan Schachtel wrote, “By printing Tucker Carlson’s address, The New York Times is deliberately encouraging violence against him.”