Conservative anchor Tucker Carlson of Fox News took a few minutes at the close of his Monday, July 20 program to reveal to his audience that The New York Times is planning to run a story on his home location, the Dailey Caller reported.

“As a matter of journalism, there is no conceivable justification for a story like that. The paper is not alleging we’ve done anything wrong and we haven’t. We pay our taxes. We like our neighbors. We’ve never had a dispute with anyone,” Carlson charged.

The host recalled how in 2018, the group Smash Racism DC published his address and organized antifa groups that showed up at his house while he was at work. They vandalized his home, threatened his wife, who had to call 911 from her hiding place in the closet. For a year they were sending letters threatening to kill the Carlsons.

“We tried to ignore it. It felt cowardly to sell our home and leave. We raised our kids there in the neighborhood and we loved it. But in the end, that’s what we did. We have four children. It just wasn’t worth it,” Carlson lamented.

But things didn’t end there. The New York Times hired a political activist, Murray Carpenter, to follow him and a photographer, Tristan Spinski, to take pictures of his house.

Tucker explained that he called the newspaper to tell them the ramifications of publishing the location of his house, the damage his family might suffer but they didn’t care. He said, “They hate my politics. They want this show off the air. If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t consider it collateral damage. They know it’s the whole point of the exercise, to inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control what we say. That’s the kind of people they are.”

Carlson wondered what would happen if he published the addresses of the newspaper’s editors and journalists, “We know who they are. Would that qualify as journalism? We doubt they’d consider it journalism. They’d call it criminal behavior if we did it, and that tells you everything.”

Carlson’s last statement refers to how the left in America uses dialectics to punish conservatives for their actions, but when they do the same thing, the same principle doesn’t apply, it means something else.

Carlson came under close scrutiny of the radical left in the United States, Democrats and mainstream media, for his strong condemnation of the proposals of the Democratic leaders, such as the idea of open borders, illegal immigration, abortion, the culture of political correctness, the elimination of the Second Amendment. 

And just as the communist regimes cannot debate their ideas, which are radical and go against the principles of a free nation, they resort to violence. Do these actions not expose what kind of people they are?