Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Wednesday night, Nov. 11,  that in the election, deceased citizens cast votes and did so with the complicity of the Democrats, which confirms the situation of electoral fraud. Carlson differentiated himself from most of his fellow hosts that are seeking to hide every irregularity that arises regarding the voting. 

Tucker Carlson was categorical in his nightly monologue on Fox News, assuring that, in addition to irregularities of all kinds that Republican observers are reporting and the Trump campaign is presenting as evidence in its denunciations, the voting of a large number of dead people has been confirmed, which implies an authentic case of electoral fraud.

According to Carlson in addition to being an extremely unfair election for the 72 million Republicans who voted for President Trump, the situation of fraud with the complicity of the media implies unprecedented interference with democracy.

The Democrats, led by Joe Biden, as President Trump himself has been denouncing for months, allegedly had the voting system modified that the United States has historically used. The method they used to change the rules of the game was to encourage their voters to cast their ballots by mail.

With millions of voters casting their votes by mail, they managed to collapse the U.S. postal system as expected, causing the biggest electoral fraud in history. 

In several states, such as Nevada, “the Democrats pushed for ballots to be sent, not requests for ballots, but actual ballots, to every registered voter in the state, whether they requested those ballots or not. They did this even though they were well aware that more than 41,000 people who are registered to vote in Nevada have not voted or updated their records in more than 10 years. Many of these people are dead or gone, but they got votes anyway,” Carlson said in his program.

He continued to tell some stories of citizens with names and surnames that despite being dead for years are listed as effective voters in the last election, not only in Nevada but in many states where the victory is still being disputed among the candidates by just a few thousand votes.

Carlson also pointed to the technological monopolies as big accomplices in the scandal. “The technology monopolies in Silicon Valley used their unprecedented control over news and information to silence Donald Trump supporters and protect Joe Biden.”

He also denounced the Democrats for using the CCP Virus as a political tool to feed the fraud. “At the same time, public health officials and blue state governors were handling the pandemic as a partisan political weapon. It’s hard to believe they did that, but they did. It’s not a theory. It happened. We can prove it.”

He also accused the big media, which, according to Carlson, chose not to report the situation of fraud and far from it to collaborate in its development.

Carlson closed his monologue by saying, “If you want to run a democracy, you need one thing above all: Social trust. If you want people to have social trust, if you want them to believe in the system, it’s not enough to yell at them on television and tell them that they must believe. You have to create a system that is worth believing in.”

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