Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s newest adviser on the CCP virus Task Force, made the case for the urgency of reopening schools as soon as possible on a dialogue with the Washington Examiner and said, “There’s nothing more important than educating our children. In fact, we are the only nation of the Western European and our peer nations … that are somehow sacrificing our children out of our own fear.”

Dr. Atlas is the latest addition to the Trump administration’s pandemic task force. Before joining and during his time in the White House, he has been very critical of the restrictions imposed by governments to reduce the impact of the CCP Virus, which have ruined the economy, brought negative consequences to children’s development, and also reported numerous cases of depression as a result of the lockdown.

“The reason we can’t lock down the schools is because it’s well known that there are severe harms to children from locking down schools,” Atlas said. “Socialization and maturation is really a critical reason why children attend school. That’s all missing if you use distance learning.”

Distance learning in the United States began in April 2020 and since then, children have had to give up socializing with their peers and parents have been forced to tutor children in online classes. 

Despite President Trump’s insistence that schools must reopen, 43 states have mandated continuing the 2020 cycle with remote teaching, which has affected about 55 million students in some 124,000 public and private schools, according to Education Weekly.

Several schools that returned to classes in person later reported individual cases of CCP viruses, causing concern among teachers. As a result, many teachers and staff at these schools began to take leave for fear of catching the virus at work, and these institutions were unable to continue with face-to-face classes. 

This was the case with the Cherokee County District School, where just six days after reopening, more than 820 students and 42 teachers were ordered to be quarantined for possible exposure to the virus.

However, Atlas argued that closing schools completely because of individual infections is a “panic driven response.”

“The president outlined guidelines to get children safely back to school, including making sure that the schools have the resources to protect the high-risk teachers, the high-risk students,” Atlas said. “And they have options for isolating high-risk people from the on-campus environment: Have them teach at a distance.”

The White House expert said it is normal for schools to have infections, just as other diseases. But closing a school completely to prevent contagion “is not the appropriate response” and “is a very misguided panic.”