From mid-April to mid-July 2019, President Donald Trump’s administration showed a 42.7% approval rating from U.S. citizens. According to Gallup, the data represent the best average to date, surpassing the 41.9% he received in the sixth quarter in office.

However, his quarterly averages have not varied much throughout his presidency, all registering within a narrow six-point range of 36.8% to 42.7%, while the job approval rating currently remains at 44%.

Statistics regarding the Trump administration’s approval rating rose after former prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the last presidential election found no evidence of interference.

Among the factors that influenced the approval rating was also the trade war with China.

On the other hand, the rating does not include repercussions on the president’s recent discussions with four progressive Democratic women legislators earlier this week, or on the House resolution—with an opposition majority—last Wednesday to condemn the president’s messages.

In this regard, the Washington Examiner reported that the follow-up motion to remove the president failed Wednesday with a vote difference of 332-95. The 95 votes that sought to impeach came from Democratic legislators.

Gallup’s report further noted that under President Trump’s administration, the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years was experienced, “as well as solid economic growth and record stock values.”

“Americans are likely already taking the good economy into account when evaluating Trump,” the consultant said.

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