Conservative businessman and supporter of former President Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, has reappeared with his explosive statements. On Wednesday, on the “War Room Pandemic,” he spoke with Steve Bannon and claimed that Trump won Maricopa County (Arizona) by 80,000 votes.

Recall that, after many efforts to seek transparency, the Republican-majority Arizona Senate hired four specialized firms to conduct an in-depth audit of the votes cast in Maricopa County, corresponding to the 2020 presidential election.

“What’s nice about the evidence I already have, I know the outcome of Arizona. I can tell everyone now … Maricopa County—Donald Trump won that county. It’s 80K votes. That flips the whole state to Donald Trump and Arizona was actually almost half a million votes,” Lindell told Bannon.

“We have teams now across the country in different states,” Lindell said. “Right now they’re hand counting in New Hampshire.”

“We have different audits going around. You know, I hate to break the news to Dominion, but we’ve got, we already have places where machines—the news won’t talk about it. It’s too late to close the gate. The cows are out of the barn. It’s everywhere. Everybody knows,” he suggested.

“These states are just gonna help with what we already have, what’s gonna go to the Supreme Court in 5-6 weeks. As you know, I’ve been putting it out there, putting it out there, putting it out there,” Mike Lindell told Bannon.

According to Lindell, the results of the audits will be a validation of the evidence he and other Trump supporters have been showing of outright interference in the election. According to Lindell, those in charge will be very concerned when this finally starts to be talked about in the mainstream.

Arizona Audit

After a careful examination that took several months of studies and interviews with several forensic auditors, the Arizona Senate chose Wake Technology Services, Inc, CyFIR, LLC, Digital Discovery, and Cyber Ninjas, Inc. to perform the vote audit.

Senate President Karen Fann has denounced various irregularities that have surfaced, such as deleted databases, cut security seals, missing passwords, etc.

In this matter, Fann requested that the passwords to the ballot tabulators be provided to access the complete information since county officials refused to do so.

The most surprising thing was discovering that Dominion Voting System never gave these passwords, the administrator of the machines used to count the votes, evidencing that the elections were always under the control of a private company and not of the State.

For its part, Dominion indicated that it would not reveal the passwords, nor will it allow any auditor to review its machines, arguing that the passwords are its intellectual property.

However, they will do so if the auditors, the firm Cyber Ninjas, get approval from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. If those passwords were made available, the auditors estimate it would take less than two days to gather the data they need.

In the meantime, members of the election board wrote a letter responding to Senator Fann’s concerns and asked that the audit be stopped.

Senator Karen Fann and her team, however, are not willing to budge.

“Presiding Senator Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Petersen led a great hearing today seeking answers. The audit will continue on May 24!” reads Twitter, where the audit progress is being posted.