Giant ‘Trump Won’ banners keep appearing and it seems they will continue to do so, despite the retaliation suffered by MAGA supporters who spread the banners.

The latest occasion where one of these flags appeared was on Monday night, June 7, at Boston’s Fenway Park during a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the Miami Marlins.

After Trump supporters unfurled the banner, they were removed from the area and escorted by stadium security.

The justification for this intervention was that stadium policies prohibit hanging or posting signs, WCVB reported.

Before security removed the banner, it was prominately displayed on the wall near center field.

At the time of the display, the crowd went wild and cheered.

The MAGA movement simply will not give up and will fight to exercise its freedom of speech, despite censorship. Last week, two Trump supporters were handcuffed and ejected from Yankee Stadium after they held up a large banner that read, “Trump won.”

A video showed the banner, which read “Trump Won Save America,” being unfurled on the first base side of the stadium.

One of the MAGA supporters is seen handcuffed in the video as he climbed the steps leading away from the seating area.

Just days later, two other Trump supporters dropped another huge Trump flag at a Mets baseball game.

But not only in the stadiums, the flags are being seen in several places, perhaps as part of a systematic plan that perhaps started spontaneously but then began to go viral.

There is even a Twitter account pushing MAGA movement supporters to fly these banners in support of Trump. “We need at least one of these at every major event until the real President is back in office where he belongs!”

Vice President Kamala Harris was greeted Monday by protesters in Guatemala with “Trump won” and “go home” signs.

Harris traveled to meet with Guatemala’s president, Alejandro Giammattei. “Kamala, Trump won,” read a large sign near the Central American country’s presidential palace.


The banners come as the final stretch of the vote audit is underway in Maricopa County, the largest county in Arizona.

The review of the 2,100,000 votes is well underway, as hundreds of volunteers have joined in the last week to conduct the manual review of the ballots.

Analysts believe this will have a ripple effect, leading to similar audits in other swing-state counties in the 2020 elections, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Also, Republican legislators have visited Maricopa to see the audit details to conduct a similar audit in their respective states.

In addition, audits could be opened in Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire, even though these places have suffered much interference from Democrats.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, recently told Steve Bannon in his program War Room Pandemic that the Department of Justice (DOJ) of the Biden administration will try to intervene in the audits. However—according to Giuliani—such an action would be “unconstitutional” since the states have jurisdiction over the electoral process, not the federal government.

Beyond the fact that the final report of the Arizona audit is not yet available, information of vast irregularities has been leaked, from eliminated databases to cut security seals.

Let’s remember that Biden, according to official data, won Arizona by a little more than 10,000 votes. That is why these leaks of information about irregularities bring hope to the followers of the MAGA movement, in that the results of the questioned elections can be clarified and that they can also be reversed.


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