President Trump used his Twitter account to warn the Electoral College in key states where his legal team continues to challenge the results due to massive election fraud that certifying the winner of an election still in dispute is illegal.

The members of the Electoral College announced that they would meet on Monday, Dec. 14 in the state capitals to vote and send the results to the vice president.

Despite the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the Texas attorney general’s complaint, President Trump said, “We have just begun to fight,” adding he will not give up until he gets to the bottom of this corruption by the Democrats.

President Trump described all the different fraud scenarios that his team and independent groups have come to prove through affidavits, security camera footage, journalistic investigations, and analysis by technology experts.

Lin Wood, an attorney with the civilian group We the People, in an interview with Newsmax, referred to the possibility that President Trump might use his executive power to declare martial law until legal challenges are resolved.

“If the Supreme Court does not act, someone who cares about the rule of law in this country has to act: That would be President Donald Trump,” Wood concluded. “If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare some extent of Martial law, and he should hold off an stay the electoral college.”

“Because we cannot have in this country, an election of our leader, where you have massive evidence of fraud and illegality. This country has to have a vote that has integrity. And the electoral college does not need to meet and vote until we have resolved these issues,” added Dr. Wood.

President Trump ended his complaint with a warning to the Electoral College.

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