President Trump used his Twitter account on Sunday, Aug. 16, to warn the mayor of New York City:

The president’s tweet was in response to a tweet indicating that 49 people were shot in the last 72 hours in New York City, Fox News reported.

According to a report by Fox 5 NY the crime rate skyrocketed substantially compared to the same period last year and there is more than one factor.

“The total number of shootings in New York City so far in 2020 climbed to 888, compared to just 488 at this time in 2019,” the report said.

So far this year there have been 1,087 shooting victims in the city when in 2019 this same period there were only 577. Similarly, last year’s shooting deaths were 196 and today that number is 263.

Some community leaders and police unions have criticized city officials for not responding adequately to the level of violence seen on the streets, and instead their measures have further complicated the situation.

Brooklyn District President Eric Adams said he does not see the city authorities having the level of urgency they should, “I would hate to believe that we’ve become immune to violence based on the geographical location and ethnicity of the victims.” 

Adams, a former police captain who also advocates police reform, said it was a mistake to have disarmed the anti-crime unit of some 600 police officers whose task it was to take weapons off the streets.

What measures did de Blasio take

In response to the movement to “defund the police” from Black Lives Matters after the death of George Floyd, New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $1 billion cut in the Police Department’s budget and the measure was passed in late June, according to a Fox News report.

According to, de Blasio also passed the Accountability Package Act on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, to introduce police reform.

The reforms will prohibit the use of chokeholds techniques, allow citizens to record police activity, require transparency in the use of surveillance technologies, establish an online platform for people to report poor discipline by officers, and ensure that all police officers have their badge number and rank designations visible at all times. 

The New York Police Benevolent Association, a union of 24,000 police officers, tweeted in response to the increase in crime: “The reasons aren’t complicated. Our city politicians have demonized us at every turn and in the process stripped us of necessary tools to get guns off the streets. When cops are left handling crime with a ‘light touch,’ violent gangs step into the void and reign terror on NYers.”

Despite the fact that the Black Lives Matters movement has received strong support from Democrats and much help from mainstream media, African American communities in New York do not feel the same way.

In a July 14 program by Sean Hannity, on-the-scene reporter Lawrence Jones interviewed a number of black people in Harlem and all of them spoke out against defunding the police. In fact, most agreed that they need more police presence in their neighborhoods. Ami Horowitz, a freelance journalist, got very similar answers in a video he shot on March 17, 2016.

This is not the first time President Trump has faced a Democratic leader over the violence that has swept the country in response to Floyd’s death. 

Trump has offered to send federal agents to other cities like Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, where crime and unrest have taken their toll to help restore order, but his help was refused.

While some analysts say this is a political tactic to gain a reputation as the “law and order president,” others have rejected the idea by saying that establishing law and order is the first responsibility a government official assumes when he or she is sworn in to the Constitution.

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