During the Save America rally on Saturday night ahead of Independence Day, former President Trump declared to the crowd of thousands of patriots that the national day “will not be cancelled.” 

“Tomorrow we will celebrate 245 years of glorious American Independence: It will not be canceled, by the way,” Trump stated during his speech on July 3 in Sarasota, Florida, according to News Max. “And we will teach young people across the country that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock will forever be American heroes.

The former president declined to perceive the philosophies of dismissing American historical symbols and statues through cancel culture and anti-American sentiment protests.

“People want to take their names off buildings. Can you believe it? They took names of buildings like George Washington. And I told you this is where they’re coming from,” Trump said. “We’re not going to let that happen. They will never be purged from history or canceled from our hearts.” 

The predecessor of president Joe Biden emphasized with the crowd of patriots that the national day must be preserved, denouncing the left’s determination to dismantle American culture in search of a better society.

“The mission for all of us here tonight is to preserve the legacy of July 4, 1776, and to defend our liberty from the radical left movement that seeks to cancel this date, demolish our heritage, and destroy our beloved nation,” he said.

“In just five months, the Biden administration has launched an all out assault on everything we cherish and we value under Joe Biden and the left,” Trump noted. He continued by citing the worrisome border policies of the current commander-in-chief and the Democrats’ failing defund-the-police movement. 

The Biden administration, earlier in March, decided not to allow Fourth of July fireworks at Mount Rushmore, using as an excuse the health and safety risk in light of the lurking COVID-19 pandemic. This clashed with Trump’s decision last year when he was still U.S. president when he accepted the national monument celebrations while the country was in lockdown. 

It is unclear if the current commander-in-chief was in any way siding with progressives in forbidding the fireworks display at the Memorial. However, Biden has always been explicit with his views about being conscious of COVID-19 that until mid-May still recommended citizens to either get vaccinated “or wear a mask until you do.”

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