In his flamboyant speech at the close of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday,  Feb. 28, former President Donald Trump criticized Big Tech for its censorship role and urged Republican state leaders to impose “major sanctions” against companies limiting free speech for conservatives.

Trump took on powerful monopolistic media and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google whose left-liberal ideas seek to silence the voices of conservative sectors to impose their leftist agenda freely.

Faced with this situation, he called on Republican governors to take concrete actions to impose limits on Big Tech abuses. 

“The time has come to break up big tech monopolies and restore fair competition,” Trump declared. He added, “Republicans, conservatives must open up our platforms and repeal Section 230 liability protection.”

He warned that if the federal government does nothing to curb the outrages of Big Tech, the only option is to empower the already existing union between “red states” and punish with sanctions firms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook that are taking the world by storm with no regard for the individual and collective freedom of thought. 

Trump also highlighted states like Florida and Texas that are pioneers in putting the brakes on Big Tech outrages. And Trump called on state governors to follow those examples to leverage their power and obtain concrete achievements.

“Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and in Texas and in other states are doing this,” Trump noted. “If they do what they’re doing Florida, and that legislation will pass. And Texas and others will have tremendous power to do what’s right and what’s fair,” the former president continued.

Former President Trump suffered one of the most ruthless censures an American president has ever endured, when the most popular social networks deleted his accounts while he was president without any logical basis.

During the previous months, amid the presidential campaign, Trump had to endure countless limitations to freedom of expression when the media deleted his comments or placed tags indicating that the information provided was untrue and the like.

Trump warned the CPAC crowd that tech giants needed to be more accountable and accused the heads of companies like Twitter and Facebook of acting contrary to the First Amendment while demanding Congress take action to rein them in.  

“All of the election integrity measures in the world will mean nothing if we don’t have free speech,” Trump said. “If Republicans can be censored for speaking the truth and calling out corruption, we will not have democracy, and we will only have left-wing tyranny.”

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