President Trump’s push for election fairness had a win on Thursday, Nov. 5, after an appellate court in Pennsylvania agreed to allow election observers to stand as close as six feet away from the vote-counting process that is presently underway at the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The president called it a ‘big legal win on Twitter.

However, officials are not abiding by the ruling.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said in an update along with Trump senior adviser Corey Lewandowski that officials are “still not in compliance.”

“We wanted to give you an update. They are still not in compliance. Our votes are being suppressed. We cannot count the votes properly,” Bondi said.

“What’s happening is, they have moved the barriers up to six feet, but they took away the ballot machines that were in the front row and moved them to the back of the building,” she explained.

“It’s unbelievable what they’re trying to do to our votes that have been legally cast, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Those legal votes must be tabulated. They’re not doing that … they’re trying to drown us out now where we can’t be heard,” Bondi added, about protests happening in the vicinity, reports BizPacReview.

Bondi tweeted: Philadelphia update!!! Judge orders observers allowed in ballot counting! We were still Denied access, so ALL voting has ceased!.

Bondi tweeted: Update: This is a JOKE. They moved the fence up but moved the ballot machines back!! This is offensive for the great people of Pennsylvania who voted and deserve a fair election. 

“We are not going to stand for this. We are not going anywhere. They are defying a court order by a judge, and this is not the last of this,” the Republican former prosecutor promised.

The 20 electoral votes from Pennsylvania hang in the balance, as the remaining hundreds of thousands of mail ballots remain uncounted.

The lawsuit filed against voting officials in Philly was successful, with immediate access allowed for Republican observers.

“The court order is in effect. They will not give us access, and the sheriff has decided not to come down here to enforce that court order,” said Trump adviser Lewandowski.

“What is going on in this city? What are you hiding?” Lewandowski demanded. “Open up the doors! Let us in. Whether you voted for Donald Trump or you voted for Joe Biden, everyone has a right to know what’s transpiring here. This makes it look like a kangaroo court! We deserve better, and we’re not leaving until we witness every single vote that transpires here.”

On Thursday morning, the Democrats attempted to have Republicans barred from watching the votes being counted and are attempting to have the court order reversed.

“The Democrats have NOW filed in the Supreme Court of PA to reverse the order allowing the observation, and we are waiting on the court to rule,” tweeted Tracy Beanz. 

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