Senior employee of the Donald Trump campaign, Tana Goertz, said in an interview that only Mother Theresa has done more for women than the president.

When a CBS News reporter inquired what her message would be to women who voted for the president in 2016 but also for Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne in 2018, Goertz, who is Trump team coordinator in Iowa, said it was like “comparing apples and oranges.”

“If Donald Trump was running, we would have never lost anything,” Goertz said. “There are different candidates running that don’t have the power that Donald Trump has, and the pull.”

Goertz also emphasized that the Democrat only won because Trump was not on the ticket. 

But what made the interview video quickly circulated around Twitter was her comments on President Trump, saying she could not think of anyone else who has done more for women than the president, besides Mother Teresa.

Goertz also pointed out why lots of women are afraid to support the president and encourage them to be outspoken with friends and neighbors.

“The reason why a lot of women are afraid to support this great man is because of the backlash,” Goertz told reporters. “I know that I’ve had a lot of backlashes, but I’m telling you, I can handle it. And so I wanted  them to realize that if you back down, then they win.”

Goertz said the top issues for women in Iowa who support the president are immigration, security, and the economy.