More than 170 Trump supporters on Monday, Aug. 5, gathered in Baltimore for a trash clean-up day.

This is the idea of conservative activist Scott Presler, who called for a Trash Clean-Up Day in Baltimore last week, after President Trump said that Baltimore “is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

He responded to the president’s remarks with a call to action, tweeting “Next week, I’m coming to Baltimore. I’m organizing a trash clean up in the city. If you’re free on a weekday, after work, please comment below for more details. #WeAreBaltimore.”

Presler shared on Twitter that volunteers had worked for 12 hours and picked up 12 tons of trash.

Democrats labeled President Trump a “racist” for pointing out the fact that Baltimore is a rat-infested city.

“This is not political,” said Presler. “We saw a need in the city, and we wanted to come together.” Some were wary of Presler’s motivations after tense, public feuding over Trump’s tweets about Baltimore dominated national headlines.

Scott Presler shared the before – after images.

“These must be the good ones,” said Baltimore resident Sondra Rae of the conservative-led volunteer group. “I don’t like Trump, but what they are doing is fantastic.”

During the Baltimore clean up day, the volunteers found trash from 1999, a paper about Obama’s inauguration.

Scott Presler said on Tuesday, “I’m getting messages from people all over the country wanting to start cleanups in their local cities. We did something very special in Baltimore yesterday—it’s having a nationwide effect.”