Pennsylvania police said on Tuesday, Jan.7,  that the Trump supporter who drew his firearm to the man who threatened to harm him for wearing MAGA hat appeared to be justified.

The altercation started outside Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre on Dec. 30, 2019, when one man confronted another wearing a hat in support of President Donald Trump. The man threatened to assault the Trump supporter if he did not remove his hat and then tried to knock it off his head.

Police said the man wearing the hat then pulled a gun out and pointed it at the ground, prompting the other man to flee the scene.

The incident sparked alarm in the community, as residents feared a mass shooting.

Police said on social media that there was no active shooter. Wilkes-Barre Township Police Chief Will Clark told the Citizens’ Voice that the Trump supporter was the victim and had a concealed-carry permit. Firearms are not permitted inside the mall, but the altercation happened outside near Macy’s. No charges will be filed against him. 

“The individual was wearing a hat in support of Donald Trump,” Clark said. “Apparently, the man told him to take the hat off. He refused. The individual threatened to assault him. The actor then took a swipe at the hat to knock it off his head. At that point, the victim backed up and drew his weapon and pointed it at the ground. The guy took off.”

Clark attributed the incident to political disagreement and said the suspected assailant was “obviously not a proponent of Donald Trump.”

Police are taking no action against the Trump supporter, but are looking for the other man.