As many of you are already tired of hearing, the legacy media drummed up quite a storm about parts of the presidential speech delivered at a well attended political rally in Greenville, North Carolina, Wednesday evening July, 17, but the real story is how American presidential campaigns are not for the faint of heart, have a tendency to hold all involved accountable if the press do its job and really separates the men from the boys so to speak. Like a true American warrior, President Trump took off the gloves, applied a little social justice as he cut Rep. Ilhan Omar from The Squad and let the crowd hear an accurate summary of her public record for themselves.

The president said, “But these left-wing ideologues see our nation as a force of evil. The way they speak so badly of our country, they want to demolish our Constitution, weaken our military, and eliminate the values that built this magnificent country. You have to look at some of their recent comments, which are never talked about. When you see the four congresswomen, oh isn’t that lovely. I’ll give you just a couple. I’ve have pages and pages but we don’t want to bore you. We don’t want to go too long but we have to give a couple because that’s the great thing about live television they can’t cut it. Rep. Ilan Omar of a really great state I almost won, first time in decades and decades Minnesota great state.”

And then the president said, “So representative Omar blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks on our country saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people’s affairs. She smeared US service members involved in Black Hawk Down. In other words, she slandered the brave Americans who were trying to keep peace in Somalia. Omar minimized the September 11 attacks on our homeland saying some people did something. I don’t think so some people did something. Yeah some people did something alright. She pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits attempting to join the terrorist organization. She was looking for compassion. Omar laughed that Americans speak of Al-Qaeda in a menacing tone and remarked that you don’t say America with this intensity. You say Al-Qaeda, makes you proud, Al-Qaeda makes you proud. You don’t speak that way about America and at a press conference just this week when asked whether she supported Al-Qaeda. That’s our enemy. That’s our enemy. They are a very serious problem that we take care of but they always seem to come along somewhere. She refused to answer. She didn’t want to give an answer to that question. Omar blamed the United States for the crisis in Venezuela. I mean think of that one and she looks down with contempt on the hardworking American saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country and obviously and importantly, Omar has a history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds. When she talked about the evil Israel and it’s all about the Benjamins. Not a good thing to say. So that’s Omar. That’s Omar.||0b999c204__

Meanwhile, in a true arrogant socialist style, a couple of the more outspoken Democrats gave their best assessment of this great American competition including the preposterous notion that certain load mouth controversial public figures should not be judged in the court of public opinion for their spoken vitriol, how this poetic day of judgement is actually divisively endangering millions of other snowflakes and of course, another bad thing done by President Donald Trump.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) replied to a reporter asking “What is your reaction to the president’s comments from last night?, she said “Well I think the president has put millions of Americans in danger last night. His rhetoric is endangering lots of people. This is not just about threats to individual members of Congress but it is about creating a volatile environment in this country through violent rhetoric that puts anyone, like Ilhan (Rep. Omar from Minnesota), anyone who believes in the rights of all people in danger. And I think that he has a responsibility for, for that environment.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said, “When I listened to the president last night and … I don’t know if the president fully understands how deeply and painful those kinds of statements are. I don’t think he understands how incredibly divisive they are. And I would say to the president of the United States of America, we don’t want to be divided. We don’t want to be. We want a nation that is united. And we need to be about the work that the people sent us here to do. And all of this becomes a distraction from us getting that work done.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to give all four of the now infamous congresswomen their just deserts but we will leave you with just one more little bit of presidential old school social justice. The president said, “You didn’t hear this over the last two days. Did you hear anybody talk about this? Her colleague representative Rasheeda Tlaib agreed with Omar’s characterization of 9/11 and said that members of Congress who support Israel forgot what country they represent. And Tlaib also used the F word to describe the presidency and your president. That’s not nice. Even for me. She was describing the president of the United States and the presidency with the big fat, vicious the way she said it, vicious f-word. That’s not somebody that loves our country. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

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