Speaking at a rally in West Des Moines, Iowa, on the night of June 11, President Donald Trump highlighted a foreign trade policy contrasting his administration and essentially a surrender to other countries by President Obama.

President Trump said, “We’re undoing decades of calamitous trade policies and reversing eight painful years of economic surrender. We have surrendered, we had, we’re not surrendering anymore, you probably read the papers, although much of it’s fake news but that’s OK. You get the gist of it, right? There’s no surrender there’s no surrender.”

The president indicated that a recent agreement with Mexico will make a big difference in the border crisis, that trade with Japan has opened up a market for at least American cattle, and that he’s optimistic about a deal with China.


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President Trump said, “Now we just did a wonderful deal on the border with Mexico and it’s gonna be a big difference and we’re doing a job with China. And watch what happens with China. Watch what happens. You know we just opened up Japan for cattle and different things you know Japan, the market was totally closed. We just opened. I just left Prime Minister Abe and we have many other countries that are opening up.”

Finally, President Trump mentioned the benefits of the pending trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and asked people to call Democrats in Congress and urge them to vote for the U-S-M-C-A.

The president said, “Canada, if you look at Canada they were charging 285 percent for agricultural products, tariffs of two hundred and eighty five percent. Nobody knew that. We knew that. And essentially that’s a barrier we knocked it down again. We’ve got the USMCA, it’s going to be fantastic. Got to get it approved. So you’ve got to call those Democrats and say let’s go. We want to vote because it’s going to be phenomenal for your state and it’s going to be phenomenal for the farmers and for the manufacturers and frankly for the unions it’s great for everybody.”

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