Given the push by most media outlets to announce Democrat Joe Biden as the overall winner even without the release of the final vote count in several states and amid serious allegations of voter fraud, sources said President Trump is thinking about creating his own media network to counter the misinformation.

The presidential race has exposed how the media has been unscrupulously pressuring the Trump administration to obstruct his term in office. Currently, announcing Biden as the winner and covering up the allegations of voter fraud that are becoming more prevalent with each passing day.

Given such a scenario, it would not come as a surprise for the president to open his own digital media channel after Fox News, the main media network associated with the Trump administration, announced Biden as the winner in the state of Arizona with only 73 percent of the votes counted.

A source who allegedly knows President Trumps plans, told Axios, Fox’s decision could have given President Trump the impetus to announce a new digital broadcast media company to counteract information manipulation and its control over American public opinion.

The media company’s launch would be planned for after his re-election.

The source said the president would not consider opening a new cable channel due to the high costs involved but would consider the idea of establishing an online media channel that would charge a monthly subscription fee.

“There’s been lots of speculation about the president starting a cable channel. But getting carried on cable systems would be expensive and time-consuming,” the Axios report states.

Last week President Trump contacted Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to discuss the decision to award Biden the Arizona win.

But a source familiar with Trump’s campaign told the Washington Examiner that the call was, “‘total [expletive removed].”

” … I don’t know Fox News could be allowed to get away with it. Why did they do it so fast? What was going on?” they said in connection with the premature election report on Biden.

Axios’s report indicated that the president’s main objective would be for his media brand to serve as an alternative and eventually a replacement for Fox News and its Fox Nation broadcast service.

Reports indicate that President Trump would make use of his extensive database of email contacts and cellphone numbers to gain an advantage among potential viewers.

Faced with the hasty announcement by major media outlets of a Biden election win without regard to the final vote count in every state in the country, President Trump and his legal team are pursuing a series of lawsuits in several states to challenge the election results and open up the opportunity for a vote recount.

For example, several media outlets announced last Saturday that Biden was the winner in Pennsylvania and, by extension, the winner of the 2020 election. Meanwhile, Federal Election Commission President Trey Trainor, stated that there is electoral fraud in the United States.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, announced some 60 or 70 witnesses who have seen voter fraud cases in Pennsylvania during the presidential election and have offered to testify.

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