During a welcoming event at the White House on June 10, President Donald Trump greeted the Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud and his team and shared his optimism on the pending border related agreement with Mexico, his relationship with the Mexican president, and how the promise of tariffs on trade goods stills plays an important role.

President Trump said, “Well we have an agreement on something that they will announce very soon. It’s all done. And they have to get approval, and they will get approval if they don’t get approval, we’ll have to think in terms of tariffs, or whatever. But it’s just another aspect of what we’ve done. It was all done because of the tariffs and because of the relationship that we have with Mexico. I spoke with the president yesterday.”

The president pointed out that with Mexico negotiating this agreement they are actually doing more for Americans to solve the border crisis than the U.S. Congress. He also reiterated the border related issues of illegal entry, drug smuggling, other crimes, and progress with the wall including the recent court decision allowing the executive branch emergency funding for its construction.


President Trump said, “Sad that when you think of it Mexico is doing more for the United States, as of now, than Congress, specifically the Democrats. They have to get their act together, they have to work and get something done because you get a tremendous problem at the border. You have people pouring in, and it means crime, it means drugs, it means so many other things. We’re building the wall. We’re going to have close to 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year. That’s a lot. And we’re moving along very rapidly. We won the big court case, as you know, the other day. And that was a big victory for us, so a lot of good things are happening. But I want to thank Mexico, and we do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time. But they have to get approval from their legislative body.”

In addition, President Trump shared his awareness of the fatal helicopter crash in Manhattan and then discussed a planned meeting with China at the Group of 20 summit in Japan, Communist leader Xi, and some positive aspects of the current tariffs on Chinese goods.

The President said, “I spoke with Governor Cuomo about the helicopter accident in New York. We have a lot of our great folks over there working very closely with New York City, New York State. It’s a big tragedy there will be a report in a little while as to what happened, and why it happened. But a very sad event. The pilot was killed, as you know. But we’ll have a full report on that soon. But the federal people are working with the city and state people and they’ll have a full report very soon. Thank you very much. I think President Xi of China, great relationship with him. I think he’ll be there. We are scheduled to talk and to meet. I think interesting things will happen. Let’s see what happens. Right now, we’re getting 25 percent or two hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of goods. It’s a lot of money pouring into our Treasury. We’ve never gotten 10 cents from China, and now we’re getting a lot of money from China. And I think that’s one of the reasons that GDP was so high. In the first quarter because of the tariffs that we’ve taken in from China. We always have the option to raise another 300 billion at 25 percent, and that rate would be much higher than 25 percent.”

Finally the president shared comments about the Watergate-era convicted felon John Dean testifying before Congress about special counsel Robert Mueller and implied that you cannot impeach a president for doing a great job. He said “John Dean has been a loser for many years. So, I’ve been watching him on one of the networks that is not exactly Trump oriented. And I guess they paid him a lot of money over the years. No, John’s been a loser for a long time. We know that. I think he was disbarred. And he went to prison. Other than that, he’s doing a great job.”

A reporter asked, “Some of your allies have said that if Democrats open up an impeachment inquiry that it could actually help your re-election chances. Do you agree?”

He said, “I hear that too, but you can’t impeach somebody when there’s never been anything done wrong. We have a no collusion. We have no anything. There’s no obstruction, there’s no collusion there’s no anything. When you look at past impeachments whether was President Clinton, or I guess President Nixon never got there he left. I don’t leave. There’s a big difference. I don’t leave. We did nothing wrong except create the greatest economy in the history of our country. We did nothing wrong except rebuild our military, like nobody’s ever seen before. We’re doing a great job. Our country has never been stronger.”

Includes reporting from the Associated Press