President Trump on Monday, Sept. 16, said that he did not want a war with Iran, a day after his “locked and loaded” comment.

“I don’t want war with anybody. I’m somebody that would like not to have war,” the president told reporters during a meeting with the crown prince of Bahrain at the White House. 

“We have the strongest military in the world. We’ve spent more than a trillion and a half dollars in the last short period of time on our military. Nobody has even come close. We have the best equipment in the world. We have the best missiles,” Trump added. 

The president also mentioned the United States is always prepared for war but he did not want “war with anybody.”

“I don’t want war with anybody.  But we’re prepared more than anybody” Trump told reporters. 

“The United States is more prepared than any country in the history of — of — in any history, if we have to go that way,” he added.

The president’s comments followed the incident that happened on Sept. 14 when the world’s largest oil refinery, the Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq refinery, along with the Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia were attacked by armed drones.

Secretary of State Pompeo blamed Iran for the Saudi oil attack on Twitter late Saturday, and officials worked to provide evidence for his claim the following day.

“Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply. There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.” Pompeo wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

“The United States will work with our partners and allies to ensure that energy markets remain well supplied, and Iran is held accountable for its aggression,” Pompeo tweeted.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Sunday dismissed Pompeo’s remarks as “blind and futile comments.”

“The Americans adopted the ‘maximum pressure’ policy against Iran, which, due to its failure, is leaning toward ‘maximum lies,’” Mousavi said in a statement.

When asked if the United States will defend Saudi Arabia in this case, Trump said, “I haven’t promised the Saudis that. We have to sit down with the Saudis and work something out. And the Saudis want very much for us to protect them, but I say, well, we have to work. That was an attack on Saudi Arabia, and that wasn’t an attack on us.”

In addition, President Trump also said that he had a lot of options regarding Iran but he was “not looking at options right now” and his administration had to find out “where it came from, who did it.”

The president said that he would have a strong message to Iran or “no message at all, depending on the final results.”

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