‘‘I’ve never seen anything more ridiculous,” Donald Trump Jr. told Sean Hannity on the “Hannity” show after the first day of public hearings against President Donald J. Trump.

It was nothing surprising that the first day of public hearings finished without any major revelations.

However, Trump Jr. was quick to point out that the hearing exposed the deficiencies in the Democrats’ key witnesses because their knowledge was mostly established on second-hand information.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.), touted hearsay testimony, even claiming, “hearsay can be much better evidence than direct” and “countless people have been convicted on hearsay because the courts have routinely allowed and created, needed exceptions to hearsay.” 

Trump Jr. commented on Quigley’s statement “Hearsay is often times much better evidence than regular evidence.”

“Did that guy say that with a straight face?” Trump Jr. asked, as he went on to compare Quigley’s remarks to “the telephone game we learned about in Kindergarten.”

Trump, Jr. tweeted his reaction: “Can you believe this insanity? “[Hearsay] can be much better evidence than DIRECT EVIDENCE” according to Democrat Mike Quigley. Are you fricken kidding me? 3rd and 4th party info better than hearing it yourself?”

“So it’s better to have heard from friend who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend than to have heard it with your own ears,” said Trump Jr.

“That’s the level of insanity that you are seeing from these bureaucrats who have taken an anti-Trump position,” Trump Jr. said to Hannity during the one-on-one interview.

“This is when you realize how bad or, frankly, nonexistent their case is,” Trump Jr. stated, as he elaborated his comments about the Wednesday hearing.

“They are being led, badgered, and bullied by Schiff to give them what they want because the mainstream will carry their water and function as the marketing wing of the Democrat Party. They’ll say whatever they want just to get it out there,” said Trump Jr.

“When the Republicans start questioning, Adam Schiff changes the rules, changes the goal post, pretends that they can’t even ask that question anymore,” Trump Jr. added.

The process is “never ending,” said Trump, Jr., adding, “It’s a comedy at this point.”

“It’s so ridiculous,” said Trump Jr. as he continued, “It’s exactly what the American people have needed to see because if you didn’t buy it the first time, if you didn’t buy it the second time, with all the hoaxes with Russian version 1, 2, and all the collusion nonsense. Give me a break! It’s insanity.”

When asked if he could name one thing the Democrats have done so far besides the impeachment hearing, Trump Jr. was quick to say, “You can’t.”

“Not one person watching can name one thing the Democrats have done in the year that they have had the House—not wanting to make us safer, not wanting to move us forward,” stated Trump Jr.

“The USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) shown the renegotiation of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the thing that everyone said would never be able to be renegotiated,” continued Trump Jr.

“My father did it,” said Trump Jr. “He got it done because he is a negotiator unlike all these clowns in Congress who are just bureaucrats. He re-negotiated it with Canada, with Mexico. They are in agreement.”

But “it’s been sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for nine months,” said Trump Jr.

The president’s son stated that the renegotiated trade agreement with Canada and Mexico “would create more than a 100,000 jobs for Americans, bring the jobs and the American dream that we’ve done nothing but export” and “bring that back so Americans can live it.”

Trump Jr. said the USMCA “would pass with flying colors with bipartisan support” but “she [Nancy Pelosi] won’t bring it up because she wants to make sure that Trump doesn’t get any additional credit despite all the things he has already done for America.”

“Because it would also give Trump a win, so let’s not vote on it. … That’s the level of hatred that you see from the left,” stated Trump Jr.

“They are not looking to govern. They are looking to do anything. They are looking to try to resist because they know they can’t beat Trump in the polls,” said Trump Jr.

So “they are going to try to impeach,” Trump Jr. said, “And it’s not going to work in the long run and American people see through it.”

However ridiculous it might be, at this stage, it was uncertain whether Quigley’s argument about hearsay testimony would impact swing-vote Democrats.

Includes reporting from Fox News

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