Former President Donald Trump released a new campaign ad on June 2 warning Americans what is happening to the country when not only illegal immigration, inflation are putting the country at risk, but also cyber-attacks targeting the food supply and infrastructure.

In his new ad, Trump warns, “We cannot allow our country to be destroyed. And that is what is happening.”

The former president is fighting to elect Republicans who will return to America First policies describes the video. “We will get the right people into office, and it will happen quickly,” Trump says.

“We’re going to pick the best people, people who love our country, people who know how to make it work,” he added.

The announcement points to the midterm elections with which Republicans could gain some seats in the House of Representatives and cut short the Democratic majority, which currently can pass legislation without the support of any Republicans.

Cyber-attacks are a rehearsal for something bigger say experts

Just six months into his presidency, Biden suffered three major cyber-attacks, while in Trump’s four years, not only were there no such attacks but America’s enemies were isolated with sanctions and attacked when necessary, such as the case of the assassination of Iran’s Solemani leader.

The two most important attacks were the attack on the Colonial pipeline that seriously affected the supply of fuels on the East Coast and as a consequence, skyrocketed the price of fuel.

The latest cyber-attack on a meat processor, JBS of Colorado, where over 20% of the nation’s beef and 18% of the nation’s pork is processed, also impacted meat prices and supply nationwide.

An attack on the New York subway system was also reported, although no major damage was reported.

However, cybersecurity experts believe that these attacks could be a test run to see how the Biden administration reacts, and that more similar attacks could bring the country to a complete standstill.

Former Virginia Rep. Denver Riggleman, who also served in the military and private intelligence, said it is important to demonstrate the serious repercussions for hackers publicly, regardless of whether they operate on behalf of a government, criminal entity, or terrorist group.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re shot on accident or shot on purpose, you’re still getting shot,” he said. “Whether they’re building some type of cyberattack plan against us or whether it’s criminal elements that are seeing how weak we are in our response, it both adds up to the same thing: And that’s that we have a weak cyberdefense national strategy.”

Riggleman put in concrete terms what would happen if these attacks become stronger and more followed while the Democrats under Biden show a weak country.

“Can you imagine if food, communications and power were taken out all at once in our country for four days? It would be chaos. It would be an absolute zombie apocalypse out there,” the former lawmaker exclaimed.

According to Stamford, CEO of cybersecurity firm OccamSec, the situation is even worse.

“If I launch a cyberattack against you, [if] anyone else is able to somehow get a copy of that attack that I use, they can go and use it as well,” he explained.

Other experts just put it down to the hackers’ desire to make money and dismiss that it could be something bigger.

‘Diversity’ in law enforcement, open borders to criminals and going after white ‘terrorists,’ Biden and Democrats’ ‘strengths’

As cyber-attacks occur, inflation rises, and the country fills with illegal immigrants, many of them criminals fleeing their countries. The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are obsessed with having more ‘diverse’ police and security forces and ending the ‘terrorism’ of Trump supporters, or as they also call them ‘white supremacists.

According to the role description of the Department of Homeland Security, led by Alejandro Mayorkas:

“When cyber incidents occur, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides assistance to potentially impacted entities, analyzes the potential impact across critical infrastructure, investigates those responsible in conjunction with law enforcement partners, and coordinates the national response to significant cyber incidents.”

In addition to having announced on May 25 the intention to regulate cybersecurity in the pipeline industry, neither Mayorkas nor Biden have referred to the pipelines; they have not condemned them, showing once again a weak administration in the face of America’s enemies.

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