Former President Donald Trump once again lashed out at the Chinese regime for its responsibility in spreading the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus and reiterated that it must make reparations to the world.

What is most striking is that in this new statement, he no longer refers to “China” when he calls for global reparations but to the “Chinese Communist Party.”

“We were right about the China Virus from the beginning, and now the entire world sees it. This is why the Chinese Communist Party should pay $10 trillion in global reparations for what they allowed to happen, the worst event in world history,” he said in the statement, dated June 10.

It also calls for a redo of the initial WHO report on the Wuhan laboratory as flawed and urges a transparent investigation. “It is now unanimous, and I have been proven right (once again) that the initial World Health Organization Report on the Wuhan Lab was flawed and must be redone, this time by a truly transparent investigation,” he said.

Trump also criticized Anthony Fauci again for his role in the pandemic and for supporting the Chinese regime. “Dr. Fauci likes to say it’s “science,” when in fact it’s just science fiction!” he added.

The former president’s comments come after thousands of Fauci’s emails were released following Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The emails—among other things—show that Fauci learned that the coronavirus could have originated at the Wuhan lab while publicly denying the theory.

Trump’s proposal: “Cancel” debts to China

During his first public speech in three months at the North Carolina Republican State Convention on Saturday night, Trump suggested that any country that owes China money should cancel its debts as a “down payment” on reparations and that the United States should place 100 percent tariffs on incoming Chinese goods, reports The Independent.

“We demand reparations from the Communist Party of China. China must pay. They must pay,” the former president said during the speech.

Due to the ‘One Belt, One Road initiative, many countries owe debts to the Chinese regime. Through this project, the CCP seeks to secure key strategic sectors for its own survival, such as ports, airports, railroads, dams, nuclear power plants, maritime corridors, etc.

The projects proposed by Beijing hide the so-called Chinese debt trap: Beijing provides the loan, but it is not free. Chinese companies carried out the constructions and only focused on the sectors that the CCP is interested in.

Therefore, this new idea of Trump’s would be much more appropriate for countries indebted to the CCP than his initial proposal for China to pay $10 trillion.

The two factions of the CCP and the lab.

Within the Chinese Communist Party, there are clearly two distinct factions: one is that of current leader Xi Jinping and the other that of former leader Jiang Zemin.

Despite having officially left power in 2002, Jiang Zemin has enormous influence within the Chinese regime, controlling key areas of state power.

Xi, for his part, since taking office in 2013, has sought to purge and has partially succeeded in doing so, the Jiang faction of the government, which is closely linked to crimes against humanity.

Many of these big-name politicians today are in jail serving life sentences on corruption charges.

The point here is that Jiang is fighting to the very last not to meet the same fate and has resorted to the most unimaginable methods to affect Xi Jinping.

And how does this relate to the Wuhan lab?

In Jiang Zemin’s years in power, in a document called “Unrestricted Warfare,” the Chinese military already talked about developing “strategies” to fight a modern war.

And the key is that Jiang Zemin’s son, Jiang Mianheng, was in direct control of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where Sars-Cov-2 was allegedly created.

Jiang Mianheng controls the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the agency of the Chinese regime that is in charge of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In other words, Jiang’s faction would be closer to the Wuhan lab than people think and the infighting in China would be fiercer than ever.

Could this be why Trump is holding the “CCP” accountable, distinguishing it from “China”? One of the many questions that remain to be answered in this whole CCP Virus enigma.

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