On Tuesday June 4 shortly after the Presidential visit to 10 Downing Street, a small pro-Trump rally took place on Parliament Square in central London. Supporters came out of a pub on Whitehall street and unfurled a banner reading “We Love Trump.”

At Parliament Square, approximately 70 people sported various symbols in support of America including a hybrid U.S./UK flag, the trademark red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, and a ‘Trump 2020 Keep America Great’ banner.

Chris Doyle is a Trump supporter who had traveled from his home in Manchester to try and catch a glimpse of the president. The 27-year-old electrician said he related to Trump because the President has made mistakes, behaves like a human not a robot, and speaks the truth. He alluded to the tendency to view politicians as people who are supposed to be a perfect role model when in fact they of course are not perfect.


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Doyle said, “Politicians, world leaders portray themselves as the perfect people—’This is the way to live, this is the way to be.’ It’s not. I can relate to Donald Trump because he makes mistakes and it’s because he makes mistakes why so many people do follow him. He’s a human being and he behaves like human being and not like a robot.”

Meanwhile, optimism appears to be alive and well among the citizens of one of America’s traditionally staunchest allies, the United Kingdom.

Doyle continued, “I see him as one of the world leaders that I can actually relate to as a working-class citizen. He a businessman himself. He knows how to be successful. He knows what he wants, and he speaks the truth.”

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