On July 4, we celebrated the 244th Independence Day and President Donald Trump took the opportunity to remind everyone that the country was doing very well until it was hit by a virus that came from China.

“China’s secrecy, deceptions, and coverup allowed it to spread all over the world—189 countries—and China [the CCP] must be held fully accountable,” President Trump announced during the famous Fourth of July speech.

Regarding the U.S. approach to the pandemic crisis, Trump said, “Our strategy is moving along well.  It goes out in one area, and rears back its ugly face in another area.  But we’ve learned a lot.  We’ve learned how to put out the flame.”

“We’ve made ventilators where there were none by the tens of thousands, to the point that we have far more than we need, and we are now distributing them to many foreign countries, as a gesture of goodwill,” President Trump added.

President Trump noted that the United States has the best and finest testing in the world and that production of gowns, masks, and surgical equipment was continuous, indicating that previously they came from countries such as China, where ironically the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, or coronavirus, as well as other pathogens, comes from.

“We are now doing unbelievably well, and are in deep testing on vaccines, treatments, and therapeutics. I want to send our thanks to the scientists and researchers around the country and even around the world who are at the forefront of our historic effort to rapidly develop and deliver lifesaving treatments and, ultimately, a vaccine,” he added.

According to Reuters, the Trump administration is currently considering implementing a series of executive orders to address issues such as immigration and employment, as well as relations with the CCP, which his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, says we must be “resetting that balance.”

The president’s remarks amid the second Greeting America 2020 event were also aimed at highlighting those he considers American heroes, announcing that the National Garden of American Heroes will soon be created to highlight the great shared heritage of Americans.

Trump listed a number of historical American figures, including some of the Founding Fathers, abolitionists, the Wright brothers, and Ronald Reagan, and said they would be part of the National Garden of American Heroes, according to CBS News.

The speech also aimed at dismantling the narrative of mainstream media, which he questioned for falsely accusing his followers of being racist while condemning citizens who demonstrate their patriotism.

“The more you lie, the more you slander, the more you try to demean and divide, the more we will work hard to tell the truth.  And we will win.  (Applause.)  The more you lie and demean and collude, the more credibility you lose.  We want to bring the country together, and a free and open media will make this task a very easy one,” Trump said.

He reaffirmed his critical view of the radical left in the country, as well as the Marxist groups, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters who have wreaked havoc throughout the United States.

“We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children, or trample on our freedoms,” President Trump said.

“We will safeguard our values, traditions, customs, and beliefs. We will teach our children to cherish and adore their country so that they can build its future. Together, we will fight for the American Dream, and we will defend, protect, and preserve American way of life, which began in 1492 when Columbus discovered America,” he added.

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