President Donald Trump thanked everyone who prayed for him to recover from the CCP Virus (COVID-19). In a call to prayer with evangelical leaders, he asked God to give him “wisdom and grace” to lead the country.

“I just want to thank everybody and I want to thank God for working miracles, and I ask God for the wisdom and grace to lead our country and to lead it at the top level …” the president prayed on Sunday.

In a Call to Prayer organized by his daughter-in-law, Lara, President Trump also referred to those affected by the CCP Virus pandemic.

“Every family who lost a loved one … I just want to say an extra-special prayer … I want to give my warmest sympathies to the families that have lost someone, and I’ve lost many friends … five friends” he said.

“We know that God hears our prayers, we have no doubt about it. He’s always with us and he’ll always help us to overcome this challenge,” he added.

Lara Trump, wife of the president’s son, Eric, is the principal adviser to the Republican president’s re-election campaign, and is the one who organized the Call to Prayer on Sunday with several prominent Christian leaders.

As soon as it became known that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the CCP virus, Lara organized her first Call to Prayer on Sunday, Oct. 4. Since then, she said it would be repeated every Sunday.

This second call to prayer, via teleconference, involved Darryl Strawberry, Paula White-Cain, Joni Lamb of Daystar, televangelist James Robison and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

Strawberry described Trump as a “fighter” and a “warrior” and compared him to Joshua of the Bible, saying that America needs to “be strong of good courage,” citing an Old Testament passage. 

President Trump declared March 15 as the National Day of Prayer for the CCP Virus.

This country has historically sought “God for protection and strength,” the president wrote in encouraging Americans to pray on Sunday, March 15.

Also, in the face of WHO directives calling for further restrictions on the pandemic, which the agency recently reversed, President Trump urged governors in May to open places of worship.

“In America, we need more prayer, not less,” he said at the time.

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