President Trump announced the extension of the border emergency on Sunday until Feb. 2022, given the threat of a large caravan of Central American migrants heading for the U.S.-Mexico border area. The migrants were encouraged by the promises made by Democratic candidate Joe Biden about the elimination of the wall built on the southern border by President Trump and the easing of immigration policies.  

Through an official announcement, President Trump extended the national border emergency until February 2022, taking into account the information that speaks of thousands of Central American migrants heading to the U.S.-Mexico border area.

“The ongoing border security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the United States continues to threaten our national security, including by exacerbating the effect of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. But further action is needed to address the humanitarian crisis and to control unlawful migration and the flow of narcotics and criminals across the southern border of the United States,” Trump said in the announcement.

President Trump’s recent announcement comes as an extension of the Emergency Order he declared in February 2019, intending to overcome the migration crisis at that time. That crisis also served as an argument for creating the fence that divides the southern border of the U.S. with Mexico, which incidentally played a fundamental role in limiting the entry of narcotics, human trafficking, and illegal immigrants during the last few years.

According to records, as many as 9,000 Honduran migrants are heading for the U.S. border, pressuring Democratic candidate Joe Biden to fulfill his “commitments” to asylum seekers and migrants. 

During his presidential campaign and recently confirmed in January, Biden said that if he became president, he would “eliminate President Trump’s decision to limit asylum and end the MPP program” that provides for asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while they wait for their claims to be resolved.

Recently, videos were posted on Twitter where hundreds of migrants are crossing a police barricade on the Honduras-Guatemala border on their long journey to the United States.

“Caravan from Honduras busting through Guatemala Border in route to the USA,” says local journalist Drew Hernandez.

Guatemalan immigration spokeswoman Alejandra Mena told Reuters that there were thousands of Honduran migrants on the move. Thousands crossed the country’s southern border on Saturday, with their final destination being the United States.

Mena told the media that as many as 3,500 had already crossed the border into Guatemala. A Honduran police officer said he observed: “more or less 5,000 people” passing through his checkpoint.

As part of his demagogic announcements, Joe Biden promised amnesty for immigrants and promised relaxation of immigration policies. Now the United States must face a situation that can be chaotic, and Biden should be held accountable.

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