In the face of the excessive spread of the Wuhan virus (CCP Virus) several Democratic Party legislators did not miss an opportunity to confront the administration, intensifying all kinds of accusations regarding the management of the outbreak.

Among the most common criticisms that Democratic lawmakers leveled against the president are that he minimized the emergency by saying that it was no big deal and that there was no need for alarm; and they claimed he minimized the advance of the virus, they also relied on some other media-driven criticisms that called him a racist after he referred to the coronavirus as the ‘Chinese virus.’

In the words of Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, “So far, the Trump administration has failed (…) The number of cases in the United States is growing exponentially, and our health system is ill equipped to determine the scope of the disease or to treat the explosion of serious cases that will almost certainly soon present,” reported NBC.

The House Oversight Committee questioned the Trump administration, saying that so far it has not said specifically how it plans to produce and distribute coronavirus test kits to Americans.

The timing of the CCP Virus outbreak in the United States has led to a scenario in which various media outlets add to the political polarization, feeding opposition party rhetoric that calls the Trump administration “incompetent.”

Meanwhile, according to a recent Gallup Poll, President Trump’s actions have been showing a favorable approval rating in recent weeks.

The poll indicates that between March 13 and 22 the Trump administration’s work showed an increase to 49%, five points higher than at the beginning of the month.

Meanwhile, in another poll conducted by ABC News and consulting firm Ipsos, 55% of Americans said they approve of the president’s performance in the current public health crisis, compared to 43% who disapprove.

The latest Gallup Poll showed that in general, 60% of those polled approve of the Trump administration, while only 38% disapprove of it.

Regarding the government’s response to the CCP Virus, 94% of Republicans showed their approval while 60% of independents and 27% of Democrats approved of the administration.

The figures have shown a significant change after the Trump administration issued stricter federal measures to prevent the spread of the CCP Virus in the United States.

Meanwhile, according to an opinion column in The Western Journal, the approval rating showed a greater rebound among Independents and Democrats; from 35% to 43% and 7% to 13% respectively. Among Republicans it gained a single point, increasing from 91 to 92%.

According to Ipsos, the increase in approval for the Trump administration seems to coincide with the president’s mid-March national speech on the pandemic.

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