When it comes to customer service, some employees at a Trader Joe’s store in Winter Park, Florida, won’t hesitate to go above and beyond.

Tori Alexander was running the cash register at the front of the store when a toddler named Julian started having a tantrum. Tori then distracted Julian by singing “We love you Ju” and dancing with her fellow coworkers.

Julian stopped crying and “was shocked” at the unexpected spectacle taking place before his eyes.

The video of their impromptu performance has since been viewed over 160,000 times on Facebook.

“IF THERE IS A CRYING CHILD CALL 1-800 Tori the cry stopper,” Tori wrote. 

“I’m extremely thankful for my coworkers,” she continued. “They jumped in and helped me entertain him, which also made the experience even more extraordinary!!”

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