Tornadoes swept through parts of northeastern Texas Wednesday, May 29, and there was also a confirmed tornado in Eastern Pennsylvania damaging homes and buildings.

On the northern shore of Cedar Creek Reservoir, about 50 miles southwest of Dallas, a reported tornado caused significant damage in a lakeside subdivision Wednesday afternoon.

Steve Howie, emergency management coordinator for Kaufman County, said one person suffered minor injuries in the Cedar Creek Country Club subdivision. He also said many downed trees are making roads impassable in the area. Some residents shared their experiences with AP.

Kevin Deibert, a gas station owner: “We had a major tornado outbreak two years ago so we all kind of know what to do. I mean, there were people out in the streets 10 minutes after this with tractors getting debris out of it, so everybody just pitches in. Everybody is a big help.”

Linda Myers, Storm Survivor: “My sister-in-law was sort of hovered over us and I saw the door moving and I had a hold of her arm and I was like lord please don’t suck her out,  because for a minute it was just so strong, it was like going in and out. But thankfully the door didn’t open and we were all good in the hall.”

In Canton, about 55 miles east of Dallas, a tornado caused major damage to the exterior of a gas station and convenience store.

The National Weather Service said a tornado was confirmed in eastern Pennsylvania where homes have been damaged but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

Berks County emergency officials reported structural damage to about 20 properties, some of it significant. Emergency dispatchers in Berks and Chester counties earlier cited roof damage and some partial collapses in Caernarvon Township, which includes Morgantown.

 Michele Kyle, assessing home damage said: “This house, the back half has been blown off. So they’re trying to get in right now to get some keys. Because they cannot live here. We have severe window damage. Roofs ripped off. Trees on top of cars. No electric. No gas. No one was hurt, thank God. And we’re just trying to start to clean up the mess so we can get some utilities going.”

John Scalia, Caernarvon, Pennsylvania police chief, said: “I don’t know the exact number. But I’m thinking we’re in double digits, probably like 10—10 to 12 that I’ve noticed. Some houses were hit very hard. Some just lost like one wall. But of course they’re not going to be able to be there because the structure is not secure.”||cbfe01cc8__

As of Thursday morning, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center (NWS SPC) logged 22 preliminary tornado reports on Tuesday. While these reports do not represent confirmed tornadoes, they do suggest that the record for consecutive days on which at least eight tornadoes touched down would be broken once the official totals are in.

That number will likely extended to 13 days as 24 preliminary tornadoes were reported during Wednesday’s severe weather event.

Before Tuesday, there were 442 tornado reports during May. The official tally has not been confirmed, but there were 45 additional filtered reports on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that would bring the total to 487 for the month, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

According to AccuWeather, Tuesday will likely set the record for the most consecutive days with reports of at least eight tornadoes, Tuesday was day 12, eclipsing the old record of 11 that ended on June 7, 1980.

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