Two sources with knowledge of John Durham’s ongoing investigations into the origin of the “Russia collusion—which prompted the first impeachment attempt against Trump—confirmed to Fox News that Jake Sullivan, the current White House national security adviser, is implicated in the investigation.

While the Fox News report specifically clarifies Jake Sullivan is not part of the Durham investigation, it claims that he is named as the “foreign policy adviser” in the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann.

Sullivan’s involvement in Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation is the most direct “link” to the Biden Administration.

Who Sussmann is and what he did

Michael Sussmann was Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer in 2016 when she ran for the Democratic Party against Donald Trump.

Allegations were that Russia was helping Trump in his presidential run and helping him win the election. Sussmann had a meeting with FBI General Counsel James Baker, who was investigating the allegations and offered him evidence of an alleged “secret communication channel” between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, a Russian bank linked to the Kremlin.

At the time, Sussmann assured Baker that he was not working for any clients when he provided the alleged information implicating the former president.

However, Durham discovered that Sussmann billed the Clinton campaign for the meeting with Baker and was indeed working for the Democratic campaign.

As a result, last Sept. 16, John Durham indicted Sussmann for lying to the FBI.

In the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s former lawyer, Jake Sullivan is named as a “foreign policy advisor” who received emails mentioning the alleged direct line between Trump and the Russian bank.

The FBI subsequently investigated the evidence provided by Sussmann and concluded that it was false, i.e., the alleged line of communication between the Kremlin and the Trump Organization did not exist.

A Breitbart report notes that Jake Sullivan issued a press statement on Oct. 31, 2016, days before the presidential election, asserting that the alleged direct line between Trump and Russia was proof that the former president was receiving help from the Russians to win the election.

In his statement, he urges authorities to investigate Trump for his ties to the Kremlin.

Biden’s current national security adviser also testified under oath during the impeachment trial against Trump that he believed General Michael Flynn was one of those who had conspired with Russia to interfere with the election and make it a win for Trump.

As a result of the Russian collusion, Michael Flynn was disassociated from his position as White House national security adviser, the same position now held by Sullivan.

The fruits of Durham’s investigation

John Durham was chosen by William Barr during his final days as attorney general to lead an investigation into the infamous “Russia collusion” that was the basis on which Democrats first impeached Donald Trump.

Durham’s challenge as an investigator is to maintain bias in one of the events that most marked the divide between Democrats and Republicans.

Last Nov. 4, Igor Danchenko, a Russian spy, was indicted for lying to the FBI in the investigation.

Danchenko was the primary source for Christopher Steele, the British spy who drafted the famous “Steele dossier” on which the Democrats based their impeachment of Trump.

The dossier alleged that Trump had improper relationships with prostitutes in Russia and that the Kremlin had helped the former president win the election in 2016.

Steele’s dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee.

Although none of the facts mentioned in the Steele dossier were true and Durham’s recent indictments confirm it, none of the former FBI officials involved in the persecution of Trump, his family, and associates have yet been prosecuted.

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