Parler CEO John Matze, spoke to Fox News and said that users are tired of the censorship of Silicon Valley rivals and “want to be free of data manipulators,” which is why there is a massive transfer of users from traditional networks such as Twitter to the Parler platform.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, social networks that are undisputed leaders in terms of the number of users worldwide, have played a fundamental role in the last elections by making their platform and data checkers available to delimit what type of information should be published and what should not. Their bias was very clear in favoring the left and the Democrats at all times. 

San Francisco-based Twitter, for example, has tagged or removed more than 50 of President Trump’s tweets since Election Day alone. Conservatives feel cheated by this situation, unable to do anything about the fact that liberals are suppressing right-wing views, whether they come from politicians, religious people, or ordinary people who republish conservative information.

Facebook and Instagram have added labels to President Trump’s publications that say, “Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. (Sources: Reuters/NEP/Edison, others.)” Assuming that the media has the authority to declare a candidate president before the appropriate institutions do.

Twitter has included a tag on several tweets in which President Trump declared he won the election that reads: “Official sources called this election differently.” It links users to a page that states,”Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election.”

In response to this situation, a new platform, Parler, is becoming increasingly popular. It focuses on users with a conservative profile and followers of President Trump who can access all types of information and publications without being censored.

“Parler is, of course, about free speech and making people feel like they have a voice again, which is extremely necessary right now,” Matze told “Fox & Friends” on Saturday. “But we’re so much more than just free speech, too, because people also want freedom from the data manipulators. They want change in social media in general.”

Republicans’ frustration with the dominant social networking platforms was already growing throughout 2020, and a break could be seen on Election Day and beyond, just as Facebook and Instagram began tagging President Trump’s publications and Twitter began tagging and/or removing selected tweets about fraudulent voting and election results. From there, thousands of users began downloading from the Parler platform.

Parler, emerged in the market at the end of 2018 and today reaches almost 10 million members and continues to grow. 

Parler became the No. 1 downloaded application in Apple’s App Store during the week of Election Day and No. 2 in Google Play, according to Fox News according to data collected from the application analysis company Apptopia.

“Parler started rising in downloads on Friday (Nov. 6),” Apptopia spokesman Adam Blacker told FOX Business on Nov. 9. “They more than doubled week over week. Parler has been newly installed 312,199 times over the past (seven) days. The (seven) days before that, it was downloaded 150,117 times.”

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