An experienced doctor in New York City, urges the return to normal life, after attending CCP Virus patients throughout the crisis.

First, Dr. Daniel G. Murphy noted that the wave of infections began to decline as of April 7 and that ambulance travel dropped from 6,527 to 3,320, as another indicator he cites in his April 27 New Yorker article.

In addition, he said that most of the 240 patients who come daily for other reasons to the St. Barnabas Hospital Medicine Emergency Department in the Bronx, of which he is president, are so afraid to come to the hospital that they have disappeared.

Many of these patients must be part of the growing number who die at home from “fatal myocardial infarctions, asthma exacerbations, bacterial infections, and strokes,” Dr. Murphy wrote.

“Most work in ‘essential,’ low-paying jobs, where distancing isn’t easy,” Murphy also explained, referring to the community that normally attends his hospital in New York, adding that pediatric cases have virtually disappeared and vaccinations are being delayed.

In addition, Murphy said the fear has been overemphasized, even though most people who are infected have no problems.

Murphy believes that a significant degree of natural herd immunity has developed among New Yorkers, and reported that more than 43 percent of those tested in the Bronx already carry the CCP Virus.

He also described the grueling days he and his teammates had to experience.

During the two most critical weeks, after being surprised by a large number of deaths, they had to get used to the situation while working tirelessly.

Murphy himself was infected with the CCP Virus, as were two of his daughters, one of whom is a nurse, but now there are already empty stretchers in the hospital, and the number of new patients is now fewer than the number of those leaving.

He emphasizes that despite the strength of the medical team, they are already tired, and that opening up business activities and returning to work would significantly decrease their burden, which would be a great help to them.

In an effort to normalize the usual pace of the population, President Donald Trump and many sectors of the country have spoken out.

This process would take place gradually, and without neglecting health care, obviously.

“There’s a hunger for getting our country back, and it’s happening, and [the peak of the CCP Virus] it’s happening faster than people would think,” President Trump told reporters at the White House April 27.

President Trump also referred to the misguided behavior of the Chinese regime, which failed to stop the spread that is now having disastrous effects around the world.

“And we are not happy with China.  We are not happy with that whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped at the source, it could have been stopped quickly, and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world,” President Trump said.