After the radical left obstructed freedom of speech by closing the Twitter accounts of President Donald Trump and tens of thousands of users, it is planning to eliminate gun ownership, which is covered by the Second Amendment.

It seems that this is one of the intentions projected in the supposed armed protests announced by the mass media, attributing them to the followers of President Trump, as suggested by Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit on Jan. 11.

The FBI issued a bulletin warning about the organization of armed protests in the 50 state capitols, between Jan. 16 and 20, according to a tweet from ABC journalist Aaron Katersky.

“‘Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from 16 January through at least 20 January, and at the US Capitol from 17 January through 20 January,’ according to an FBI bulletin obtained by @ABC,” Katersky wrote.

He also added that some are talking about storming federal buildings in protest of the eventual removal of President Trump from office on Jan. 20.

Another plan is to advance on Washington and generate a great revolt in case the 25th Amendment is implemented to immediately remove President Trump from office.

Hoft emphasized that the Trump campaign has not promoted these types of movements or messages, which appear to be false flags.

It is not hard to imagine what could happen if such massive concentrations of armed people were to occur, with the level of dissenting opinions that are inflaming the nation at this time.

As a reference, one can observe what happened in the demonstration called for on Jan. 6 by President Trump, which from being a legitimate civic expression in search of electoral transparency, was converted by the radical left into an excuse to crush the First Amendment and freedom of expression.

Arguing violence in these events, infiltrated by antifa agitators and others, the tech giants increased to levels never seen before the repression to freedom of expression they had already been applying.

Not only did they abuse the users of their platforms, but the combined efforts of Google, Amazon, and Apple crushed the micro-messaging network Parler, which served as an alternative for those who wanted to communicate without censorship.

Thus, Hoft launched a peremptory request, “Do not attend the armed protests in the state capitols before the inauguration,” which sounds reasonable at least.

And he sounded the alarm by adding, “We are very concerned that the radical left is using this to start a firefight and take away their rights to bear arms!

It is admirable that with the possible frustration generated by a fraudulent electoral process, which came to disregard the will of 75 million Americans, they have controlled themselves by trusting that their leader is in control and will not let them down.

This confidence is evidenced by polls that indicate that even after the biased manipulation of information about the events of Jan. 6, Trump’s popularity continued to grow.

Several options remain for President Trump’s continuation in the White House, all legitimate and legal, and as the final date approaches, expectations are rising.