Following the winter break in the United States, about 3,200 schools remain closed despite the national crisis over children’s mental health. Last month U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Children’s Hospital Association, a children’s mental health crisis was declared and is primarily caused by the lack of attendance in classrooms. 

In this regard, several school systems in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, among other states, argue concerns about the pandemic and the resulting staffing shortages, according to Fox News on Jan. 4.

Likewise, the situation is being seized upon by the Chicago Teachers Union members. They are pushing for a return to distance learning for two weeks if they do not agree to their demands for a significant increase in COVID-19 testing.

However, Building Education for Students Together (BEST) founder Laura Zorc is willing to fight the union’s stance to get what’s best for kids.

“What I’m hearing from parents is that it’s a throwback to early 2021, and they’re ready to challenge this,” she said, adding, “… Based on the science, we know that children’s mental health and learning loss is greater than the risk of COVID.”

She further stated, “We know that children do better in person, although the spike is real. We need adequate staffing and the necessary safety measures, including testing and adequate ventilation systems. There is a lot of stress.”

Zorc did not overlook the fact that unionists would be using the children to improve the status of their contracts.

“It all goes back to the politics of negotiating union contracts, so they are using our children as pawns in their negotiations,” she said.

Likewise, Zorc believes that parents know best when it comes to their children’s education, which is why she empowers them to claim these rights.

“The fact that we send our children to these government public schools does not mean that, the moment they walk through those doors, we give up our rights as parents,” Zorc says.

In this context, BEST prepares parents to run for school boards and oppose the far-left policies infiltrating the country’s classrooms.

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said, “The numbers speak for themselves: your children are safer in school,” as the city opens its school doors wide to its students.

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