As the United States prepared to celebrate another July 4, the president decided that this year he would add his own personal touch. 

In addition to the U.S. military leading an aerial acrobatic show by Air Force One, the president plans to make a speech at the event and use some variations on the fireworks show. In addition, there will be a VIP section adjacent to the White House, according to VOA.

The event will feature the historic parade along Constitution Avenue where people can witness a show with floats, flags, personalities, and military bands. Also, the concert will take place in the Capitol Building.

In addition to the 2-mile corridor at the National Mall for the fireworks display, this historic route is one of the most representative of the country since it is surrounded by nearly 200 museums that protect and honor the nation’s memory, such as the Smithsonian.

To date, this traditional event has sought to disassociate itself from politics, yet, according to VOA, a national survey indicates that a majority of U.S. citizens approve of the president giving a speech at the Lincoln Memorial where he anticipates the festivities will be larger than in previous years.

The poll suggests that 81% of Republicans, 55% of Independents and 27% of Democrats are in favor of the preparations planned for this year by the Trump administration.

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