Speculator George Soros funds progressive prosecutors who encourage crime in the course of their duties, according to former prosecutor and senior Heritage Foundation member Cully Stimson.

“What they ran on and what they practice is a wholesale abrogation of their duties, taking whole classes of crimes and reclassifying them as not-crimes. Where they have taken office, there’s been an institutional breakdown of civic and professional norms,” Stimson said, according to the Washington Times on Aug. 20.

In large cities run by Democratic mayors, we are seeing a rise in crime, which is attributed to the management of Soros-funded prosecutors.

Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Francisco are examples.

In Philadelphia, homicides increased 34% in 2020 with 257 victims as of Aug. 3, the police department reported. The district attorney here is Larry Krasner, in whose election Soros invested a record $1.7 million.

Violent crime in St. Louis has also increased by 8.8% since 2006. This city now surpasses Detroit as the most violent city in America.

St. Louis is also home to African American circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner. For Gardner’s election campaign, Soros contributed more than $190,000 in 2016 and another $116,000 in her re-election this year, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

St. Louis media reported that Gardner had not reported the funding she received from the leftist organization Fair and Just Prosecution, which promotes changes in criminal justice and law enforcement.

Gardner’s activities include the dismissal of dozens of veteran prosecutors, who were replaced by inexperienced ones. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch investigation estimates that these layoffs resulted in the loss of 470 years of experience in the law enforcement profession.

“People don’t want to work there, they came in acting as if the police are the enemies, very combative. Then everything breaks down, and the people who are suffering the most are the victims of these crimes” said Kristi Flint, a St. Louis defense attorney, according to the Washington Times.

“Her so-called criminal justice reform agenda amounts to amnesty for the nation’s most violent criminals.”

For Michele Hanisee, president of the Los Angeles, California, Association of Assistant Prosecutors, the strategy that would underlie Soros’s prosecutorial actions is interpreted by criminals as permissiveness for their crimes, which would encourage them to continue committing crimes.

“If you can’t change the law, get people to promise not to enforce it,” Hanisee said. She added, “The reason you see crime rising in all these places is that the message to criminals is, ‘You have carte blanche to do this.’ It’s shortsighted and dangerous to everyone.”

Controversial billionaire Soros, accused of destabilizing governments and funding extreme movements, announced on Monday, July 13, a $220 million donation to groups focused on “racial justice,” according to his organization, Open Society Foundations. 

Open Society also finances the leftist organization antifa.

Political activist Candace Owens also referred to the issue in one of her tweets. 

“As he did with antifa, Democrat George Soros has these thugs on the payroll,” Owens wrote on Twitter, referring to violent groups that caused riots in Minneapolis and which, as it became known later, were not from there.

“He is funding the chaos via his Open Society Foundation,” Owens said.