On Wednesday, May 19, Fox News host Laura Ingraham strongly criticized Democrats and climate change “greeniacs” on her show “The Ingraham Angle” for ignoring the “human suffering” that the COVID-19 (CCP Virus) extreme shutdown measures caused.

Ingraham noted that falling carbon emissions during the lockdowns instead caused euphoria among “climate change” activists, which could pave the way for the gestation of “climate change” activists.

She remarked that the drop in carbon emissions during the closures, on the contrary, provoked euphoria among “climate change” activists, which could pave the way for the gestation of a new “publicised crisis.”

Ingraham said that “Because of the lockdown’s closures and reduced demand, carbon emissions fell by about 2.6 billion Metric tons, which was a seven percent drop from the year prior,” claiming that because of this, “Climate change activists who ignored or dismissed the human suffering caused by these draconian COVID rules were positively giddy.”

For Ingraham, the same old sectors are lining up to exploit another exaggerated crisis. “Of course, I’m talking about climate change, and the end goal is the same. They want more of your money and your freedom. And if they have to go to extreme measures to get it, they will, unless we are prepared for it,” the conservative host said. 

Concerning these statements by Ingraham, it was learned that the White House recently reinstated the scientist responsible for overseeing the government’s climate reports six months after he was removed from his position by the Trump administration.

“As a scientist, it’s been my honor to serve the American people under Democratic and Republican administrations to help deliver science to inform solutions,” Kuperberg said in a statement. “President Biden and Vice President Harris have committed to providing the muscle we need to mitigate the causes and impacts of climate change,” said Dr. Michael Kuperberg, having rejoined as executive director of the US Global Change Research Program.

Kuperberg had been replaced by David Legates, a climatologist who questioned the seriousness of anthropogenic climate change, as shown in this blunt statement: “Governments want to keep control … Carbon dioxide becomes that molecule by which [they] can take control of your lives.”

Biden also announced that he would take $30 million from farmers to use for the climate change program. By creating a “carbon bank,” he said he would compensate farmers who grow crops following so-called “sustainable farming practices” that are supposed to help “sequester carbon in the soil,” The BL reported in a 3 March article.

Another announcement showing Biden’s prioritization of climate change theories was his rejoining the Paris Agreement, which Trump pulled out of in 2017 because it was damaging to the country’s economy.

In announcing his withdrawal from those treaties, Trump explained: “compliance with the terms of the Paris Agreement and the onerous energy restrictions it has imposed on the United States could cost the United States as many as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025, according to National Economic Research Associates.”

Returning to Laura Ingraham’s remarks, she also noted that “after some fits and starts, we won the Covid debate,” claiming that “their so-called public health experts were wrong on everything from lockdowns to masks to social distancing. Those measures inflicted enormous economic, educational and psychological harm to adults and children alike”.

Ingraham concluded that “if we apply the lessons learned in our battle against the Covid lockdowns, I’m confident we can stop them and we can win this.”

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