Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) indicated that people who committed election fraud or allowed it should go to jail to ensure legitimate elections in the future.

“[T]here is a serious point here: And I think if you want less fraud in our elections, you want elections to be legitimate, and considered legitimate, you have to punish those who committed fraud,” Paul said in an interview Thursday on the Fox Business program, “Mornings with Maria.”

In a dialogue with the presenter Maria Bartiromo, he gave an example of counting votes belonging to thousands of illegal aliens or to the 1,500 people who died in Nevada.

“Whoever did that … whoever allowed it to happen, needs to go to jail,” he said.

Looking ahead, the Kentucky congressman said the electoral system must be “fixed” so that no cases of fraud occur.

“We really do have a lot of work to try to make sure our elections are legitimate,” he said.

Reports of voter fraud and irregularities during the Nov. 3 election have multiplied in several states to the point that it is still not known who has won the election in at least seven states.

In fact, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico have presented two lists of voters: one from the Democratic Party and another from the Republican Party. Both have been sent to Congress for the Jan. 6 session, where the electoral votes will be counted, and the 46th President of the United States defined.

Paul’s comments come just days after Georgia announced that it would conduct a full signature audit of the results in Cobb County.

The measure, called for by President Trump’s legal team, seeks to compare signatures on absentee ballot envelopes in that county.

On the other hand, this week, a Michigan judge published a report on the audit conducted on Dominion Voting Systems, revealing that the machines and their software were “designed” to “create systemic fraud.”

In this framework, at least four representatives have already advanced that during the Jan. 6 session, they will present objections to the count of electoral votes from the states where fraud cases were presented. The objecting senators are Mo Brooks (R-Alabama), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Barry Moore (R-Ala.) and Bob Good (R-Va.).

“The law is very clear, the House of Representatives in combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions from states that have such flawed election systems that they’re not worthy of our trust,” explained Republican Representative Mo Brooks.

“And in this instance, with what has happened nationally, I’m quite confident that if we only counted lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens, Donald Trump won the Electoral College, and we should not be counting illegal votes and putting in an illegitimate President of the United States,” he continued.

Brooks stated, “On Jan. 6, I’m going to object to the submissions of Electoral College votes from various states that, in my judgment, have such flawed election systems that their vote counts are unworthy of our ratification in the United States Congress.”

“If we have a House member and a senator, then, by golly, that forces a House vote and a floor vote on whether to accept this systematically flawed election system or to reject it,” he added.

As it turned out days ago, Brooks’ proposal has already received the support of Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky. So the raising of an objection by Republicans loyal to President Trump looks like it will become a reality.

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