The great stifling and repressive power wielded by tech groups burden half the U.S. population. They deprive Americans of their right to freedom of speech and even the means to make a living. Hence the imperative to create an alternative internet argues an independent digital services entrepreneur. 

An alternative is proposed by Martin Avila, CEO of Right Forge, an IT infrastructure company with center-right clients, who seek to escape the persecution that censorship has become, according to an article he wrote for Newsweek on Feb. 22. 

‘Big government can’t fix Big Tech’

In his analysis of the situation, Avila believes, “Big government can’t fix Big Tech. The two phalanxes have become far too intertwined and too dependent upon each other’s power.”

He goes on to say, “All Americans committed to our sacred rights, namely freedom of expression, demand an internet that’s truly free and open.”

Avila describes the devious strategies pursued by the multinationals involved in violating the right to freedom of speech for at least the past 10 years.

“Rather than enlighten users and facilitate mutual understanding, it weakened our ability to reason by appealing to tribal instincts with sophisticated and difficult-to-resist techniques.”

He added, “Our social media feeds only let us see what suits us, what comports with our preconceived notions, what makes our brains feel good. And we never stop gorging.”

The long censoring arm of Big Tech

Among the many outrages committed, Avila mentions that major tech companies have censored newspapers in the last six months, removed the Parler platform, and even banned the U.S. President from almost all major social media platforms.

“Now Big Tech has revealed its ultimate plan: to remove from public discussion every single person who challenges its authority, holds alternative beliefs, or thinks even a bit differently,” Avila said. 

Likewise: “Under the pretext of choosing not to do business with certain users, they are depriving individuals, companies, and organizations of the fundamental means necessary to make a living.”

So Avila presented the alternative he is already developing with his associates. 

‘An entirely self-reliant, self-contained vertical infrastructure’

“We’re creating an entirely self-reliant, self-contained vertical infrastructure. By controlling all the ‘means of production,’ from the physical data centers to the hardware to the code, we are re-platforming America and re-dedicating the internet to the founding principles of our exceptional nation,” Avila said.

Big Tech is leftists and is bent on imposing the plan it has  devised to gain power and block those who oppose it.

These companies’ employees became the five largest aggregate corporate donors to the Biden campaign and joint fundraising committee at $15 million.

They include employees of Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, surpassing even other corporate donors.

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