Latin American leaders and congress members strongly criticized the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

The controversial law’s approval, sanctioned on Wednesday morning by the National Congress, allows free access to abortion until the 14th week of gestation.

The regulation also allows minors to have abortions. Minors under 13 years of age may do so with the assistance of at least one of their parents or legal representative. Meanwhile, those between 13 and 16 will only need authorization if the procedure compromises their health. Those over 16 may decide to have an abortion on their own.

The controversial measure, promoted by leftist President Alberto Fernandez, caused a wave of refusals in Argentina and the rest of Latin America.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro lamented the neighboring country’s decision and assured that, if it is up to him or his government, “abortion will never be approved” in Brazil.

The Brazilian leader expressed his deep regret for the lives of the Argentine children, which, he said, from now on will be subject to being cut in their mothers’ wombs with the State’s consent.

“We will always fight to protect the lives of the innocent,” Bolsonaro stressed on Twitter.

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, made the same statement, pointing out that Argentina has “legalized barbarism” by legalizing abortion.

“Brazil will remain in the vanguard of the right to life and in the defense of the defenseless, no matter how many countries legalize the barbarism of indiscriminate abortion, disguised as ‘reproductive health,’ ‘social rights’ or whatever,” he declared.

“In a society where the baby, symbol of the greatest love, becomes despicable, the human essence is thrown away,” lamented Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the head of state and president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House.

According to the deputy, “allowing babies to be killed means that the right to sexual pleasure is above life.”

“Now, any crime can be legalized, and only one reason will be needed to justify it,” he added.

From Paraguay, a country bordering Argentina, the voices of condemnation of the measure also resounded.

The Chamber of Deputies -which has declared itself “pro-life,” held a minute’s silence “for the thousands of lives of our Argentine brothers and sisters that will be lost before they are born,” explained Deputy Raúl Latorre, who proposed that this sign of mourning be carried out.

Likewise, his colleague, Congressman Basilio “Bachi” Nunez, described the new Argentine law as “tragic.”

With the new law, Argentina joins a shortlist of Latin American countries and jurisdictions that allow abortion, including Uruguay, Cuba, Mexico City, the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the Antilles, and French Guiana.

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