President Donald Trump immediately defined his supporters as “the people that love our country,” when asked by CBS reporter Lesley Stahl on Oct. 22. 

Certainly, President Trump’s description corresponds literally to the enthusiasm he is reciprocated in each of his public appearances.

Even in the comments to this video, which is part of Stahl’s interview, you can see the great deference Americans express for their president. 

“Trump’s supporters are patriots, people who love America, its freedoms, values, culture, and history,” responded The British Patriot.

“The women of Washington state love our country, and we love our president, Donald J. Trump,” wrote Sandra D.

And, “Fighting tirelessly for our country! God bless our country again with Donald Trump,” said Janie Johnson.

Moreover, in the 59-second video, viewers noted Stahl’s aggressive attitude and rejected her interruptions in defense of President Trump.  

“What is it about these people who cut him off to question what he is saying, before he is finished saying it? This is your president, for God’s sake,” said Mitch Baltazar.

Also, “What a way to not let her interrupt with the “…but, but…”. Well said, Mr. President,” Remington Steals noted.

After defining his constituents’ distinctiveness, President Trump explained the facts they reject.

What Americans don’t want 

“People who love our country. And people who don’t want to see stores looted and burned down and people who don’t want to see riots. They don’t want to see anarchists,” Trump continued. 

“Yes, I think I can. These are people who love our country and who don’t like to see police officers being shot and not being able to defend themselves,” he added.

“They don’t like to see riots in the middle of Fifth Avenue or in the middle of other streets in Portland or other places, and they like their president to have the backing of virtually every police group and, frankly, almost everyone who has to do with law and order—positive law and order,” Trump said.

“And you know what they are? They are people who love our country more than anything else. And they like to see our country prosper,” Trump told Stahl.

The interview caused outrage by being taken as a ‘trap’ by the media, which has persistently been anti-Trump. 

In fact, Stahl said Vice President Mike Pence, who was also interviewed, did not answer her questions and “insulted ’60 Minutes,'” the program that arranged the interviews. 

“Mr. Vice President, this was not a rally. This was not just a campaign speech to the public. It was supposed to be an interview and the same with the president,” the reporter replied angrily to one of Pence’s responses, according to the Washington Examiner. 

“And I think both of them have insulted ’60 Minutes’ by not answering any of our questions and by giving fixed campaign speeches that we have heard both of them give at rallies without answering our questions,” added Stahl. 

Although the interviews were scheduled to be released on Oct. 25, Trump attendees decided to release them earlier, unedited, to avoid the possibility that after the media edited them, they would tend to hurt the president. 


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