President Trump announced Fourth of July celebrations this year will be called Salute to America with a military show.

The president tweeted: “Big 4th of July in D.C. “Salute to America.” The Pentagon & our great Military Leaders are thrilled to be doing this & showing to the American people, among other things, the strongest and most advanced Military anywhere in the World. Incredible Flyovers & biggest ever Fireworks!”

The president also expressed his gratitude to two fireworks companies, and their CEOs Bruce Zoldan and Phil Grucci for their donation of the fireworks for the event in another tweet: 

“Thanks to “Phantom Fireworks” and “Fireworks by Grucci” for their generosity in donating the biggest fireworks show Washington D.C. has ever seen. CEO’s Bruce Zoldan and Phil Grucci are helping to make this the greatest 4th of July celebration in our Nations history!”

The president is expected to deliver a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. 

On Monday, President Trump said about the event, “We’re going to have a great Fourth of July in Washington, D.C. It’ll be like no other.” And he added, “It’ll be special and I hope a lot of people come. And it’s going to be about this country and it’s a salute to America.”

“I’m going to say a few words and we’re going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes, too,” he added.

Perhaps, this year’s event will be special because there will be tanks for the celebration. 

President Trump seemed to be inspired by the Bastille Day parade in 2017 in Paris, at that time President Trump said, “We may do something like that on July 4 in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue.

“We’re going to have some tanks stationed outside,” Trump said Monday from the Oval Office, appearing to acknowledge local officials’ earlier concerns. He offered no specifics on where the vehicles would be located.

“You’ve got to be pretty careful with the tanks because the roads have a tendency not to like to carry heavy tanks,” he said. “So we have to put them in certain areas, but we have the brand new Sherman tanks and we have the brand new Abrams tanks.”

Two M1A1 Abrams tanks and two Bradley Fighting Vehicles will be on display as part of President Trump’s Salute to America event, according to a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the exhibits have not been made public, according to AP.

The president also wrote several tweets to provide information regarding the event’s schedule for whose who want to come to experience the event. 

includes reporting from The Associate Press. 

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