Far from being at the end of the electoral process, the tireless work for electoral transparency continues. In the latest development, Arizona state Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Eddie Farnsworth (R-Gilbert) ordered the subpoenas to audit all Dominion machines in Maricopa County.

“There is evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud,” Farnsworth said after a six-hour hearing of the state Senate Judiciary Committee in which the option of seeking the seizure of the machines in the state’s largest county was debated, according to the Geller Report on Dec. 15. 

The subpoenas “will ensure that at least the legislature has a process in place” to check the “veracity” of the 2020 election, Farnsworth reiterated.

“A forensic audit is the likely next step. This is a huge development and moves Arizona in the right direction to account for the many irregularities,” said state Rep. Mark Finchem (R-Ariz.).

A forensic audit of the machines and software would allow more evidence for Congress members to challenge the electoral votes of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Arizona. 

Another measure taken by lawmakers was the election of 11 Republican voters who cast uncertified votes for President Trump on Dec. 14. 

A forensic audit of the controversial Dominion Voting Systems machines in Antrim County, Michigan, revealed an error rate of 68 percent.

Biden was assigned 45,109 more votes in Maricopa than President Trump in a highly controversial election process.

Since other litigation is pending, the audit required by Farnsworth may be delayed until it fails because the machines are considered potential evidence in that case. 

Dominion Voting Systems is involved in a fraud of gigantic proportions. According to Trump campaign lawyers, it has connections to powers considered enemies of the United States such as Russia, Iran, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Dominion CEO John Poulos, has now agreed to testify at a hearing before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee about irregularities in the election software.

Poulos was summoned to a hearing to testify regarding the 28 states that used the election software since the election began on Nov. 3.

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