On Friday, Sept. 24, two co-hosts of the morning show “The View” learned they had tested positive for coronavirus in the middle of the show. So, as a precaution, they were pulled off air before a scheduled interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, forcing her to appear remotely.

Harris was expected to make her first planned in-studio appearance as Vice-President. She was scheduled to appear in person on the program with the morning show’s four female co-hosts to discuss everything from abortion to immigration. However, according to Fox News, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were suddenly asked to leave by a producer as the show returned from its first commercial break.

Following another commercial break, co-host Joy Behar explained that Hostin and Navarro had both tested positive for COVID and would not return. As a result, the Harris interview, which was meant to take up most of the show, was postponed. The interview didn’t begin until only 10 minutes remained.

The unexpected situation erupted on social media, overshadowing Harris’s appearance, which was intended to be her first in-studio interview since taking office.

“At the last minute we realized they had tested positive,” Behar said. She added that the Harris interview will now be done remotely since they didn’t want to take a chance on her appearing on stage.

Sabrina Singh, a spokeswoman for the Vice President, said Harris “did not have contact with the hosts before the show,” adding that her schedule for today will remain unchanged.

While the show attempted to set up a video stream for Harris to do the interview backstage instead of in front of the audience, Behar and Haines invited the audience to join and give them questions.

On the show, Reuters reported that the vice president was asked about the handling of Haitian migrants and whether the U.S. would provide asylum to Haitians on the Mexican border.

According to Harris, the U.S. has granted temporary protected status to 55,000 Haitian migrants and has recently extended it to over 100,000.

She also announced a $1.2 billion investment to help 3 million schoolchildren around the country gain access to and afford broadband services.

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